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December 7, 2000

David Duval

Tiger Woods


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Tiger Woods and David Duval into the interview room. Perhaps we could just start with a few comments regarding your round out there today.

DAVID DUVAL: It was an exciting day. Huge crowd. I think the people did an excellent job helping us get around the golf course. I think our play wasn't -- we didn't play, either one of us, as well as we would have cared to. But at least we stayed close, and so we have a chance.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I was a jockey. I just rode my horse all day. I think David is being very modest. I think I helped him out on one hole today. I think David shot 62 on his own ball.

Q. With a course, like the one that was presented today, can you talk about failure in today's round?

TIGER WOODS: I didn't really hit the ball as good as I would have liked, but I hit it close enough where I had some putts. And I hit a lot of good putts on the front nine that just didn't go in. They were just hanging on the lip. So, I could have made a couple putts; but, you know, overall I didn't really strike the ball as good as I like, and I wasn't as sharp as I needed to be.

Q. Did you feel a lot of pressure coming from the public, from the people following you?

TIGER WOODS: Not necessarily pressure. There was just a lot of noise. (Smiling.) Obviously, with their home team playing as well as they were, they were obviously going to be rooting for them, and rightly so. They made a lot of birdies, and they played wonderful today.

Q. Tiger or David, up to the 3rd hole, you were not able to make any birdies. Was there any problem there?

DAVID DUVAL: That was actually up until the 4th hole. You know, a couple of unfortunate problems with photographers early in the first few holes, I think, prevented us from getting the ball as close as we might have liked on the first few holes, and we also missed a couple putts that were very makeable. Other than that, it just goes with playing golf.

Q. Tiger, were you surprised by Argentina's level, especially Romero?

TIGER WOODS: No. They are world-class players, and they played well. When you get two guys playing well at the same time in this format, you can really go low; and that's exactly what they did.

Q. For both of you, tomorrow you are playing foursomes. Do you think that there is a possibility of hitting such a low score? And did you believe that there were going to be such low scores today?

DAVID DUVAL: I think that the golf course will -- it gives itself to scores like you see today when the conditions are right. I would seriously doubt you will see 15-under par for the round tomorrow. The format is much more difficult. But I suspect that we'll have a really good day.

Q. Now that you've played the course, can you make some kind of opinion or can you risk a result of how low you can hit here? What is the lowest score you can hit on this course?

DAVID DUVAL: As a team?

Q. As a team, four-ball, foursome -- as an individual, that's the question.

DAVID DUVAL: I think I saw a couple scores today that were close to maximizing everything that you can get from the golf course. And I think as spectators and as fans, I think you should be really excited about the level of play that you got to see today.

Q. Tiger, you seem to be tired, could this be a reason why you didn't play so well today?

TIGER WOODS: No. Don't confuse tired to being a little disappointed and angry.

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