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October 9, 2015

Bubba Watson

J.B. Holmes

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

Q. Important point for both of guys. Talk about how important it was coming down 18.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, it was just tough. They fought hard all day. They won a couple holes with one guy out and made some long putts on us.

We were able to just hang in there. We played really strong coming down the stretch. They made quite a few birdies coming in, we did too, to halve 'em.

Just came out there with some good shots coming down the stretch was and able to hold them off.

Q. How did your partner play today?
BUBBA WATSON: Really good. First couple holes I made some birdies and then the back nine he made some birdies.

But we were both in the holes. That's the best part. The best part is we were both in the holes. Like J.B. said, they were just like brother-in-lawing it pretty well. One guy would be out of the hole or win the hole or be the hole.

It was a challenging match, but that's what these matches are about. All it takes one guy to make a birdie.

Q. When you're both in every hole, one, it gives you more confidence, and two, I imagine you don't want to let the other guy down so you're just playing off each other. Does that sound about right, J.B.?
J.B. HOLMES: We can say that. I think it's different playing with Bubba and I think him playing with me, because if he hit one 50 yards off line the other guy is like, Oh, he's fine. He'll make par or birdie from there. We're used to doing that.

BUBBA WATSON: We're used to it.

J.B. HOLMES: It's almost like taking a little pressure on I feel like when I'm playing with him because we know our games and we know we can pretty much get out of anywhere. We're not too worried about it if we do happen to hit a bad shot.

BUBBA WATSON: Basically we make birdie at any moment is what he's saying. Hit it in the trees and still make birdie from there.

Q. You guys enter the day up 3 and enter the day tomorrow up 1. Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
J.B. HOLMES: Oh, yeah, so much fun playing in these events. I'm just excited to be able to play for country. We knew the internationals were going to make a run. They're a great team. So far two sessions in and a long day tomorrow, and then we'll hopefully still be on top at the end of tomorrow.

BUBBA WATSON: We'll just see how it goes. Both teams seem to be playing pretty well.

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