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October 8, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Dustin Johnson

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

Q. With Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth. What worked for you guys today, Jordan?
JORDAN SPIETH: We hung in there. We made a couple mistakes each, but ultimately there was a lot of good golf between the two of us. We felt like this was a good match-up and hoped to keep it going.

Q. How much fun is it, Dustin, to play with this guy?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: It's a lot of fun. Like he said, we both played really well. I hit a couple bad tee balls, but other than that, I hit them good and I hit a lot of great iron shots. I felt like we just always had good birdie putts and chances to win each hole. So that's the goal today is just to have those putts to win the hole, and we played well.

Q. These guys got out early to a quick lead and never let those guys back in it. How would you describe this match?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, that front nine we played some really solid golf, and we had putts to win almost every single hole. We ended up only being one up at the turn, which we felt like we should have been three or four, but we made up for it early in the back nine. There were some mistakes had by both groups, but we stayed patient with it, and we were able to come out on top.

Q. Jordan, Dustin said he wanted to play with you, because it's D.J. Did you want to play with Jordan because he's Jordan?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, well, I felt like we matched up well together, because I felt like when he's driving, if he hits me on the fairway and I hit them on the green, it's just going to go in. I felt like it's a good team to have. We mesh well together, and it's a lot of fun playing with Jordan. He's a good friend, and we just had a lot of fun out here today.

Q. Does this golf chemistry work as expected for you?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, definitely. Actually, alternate shot is a great format for us out here. D.J. hits the par-5s. I have a lot of birdie putts. We feel like that's an advantage to us, both of those. Best ball we both make a lot of birdies, so hopefully the captain has the trust in us to do that as well.

Q. No. 1 today when you end up two-putting for a great par, getting off the match kind of on the right foot. It could have been a disastrous one, but it was a great two-putt by you.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: That was a spot where I hit Jordan in a bad spot off the first tee. But it was a terrible drive on the first, but he hit a great shot on the right side of the green. Yeah, we had a long putt, tough two-putt, but I was able to lag it up there close.

The next hole he hit a great drive. I hit a wedge in there 15 feet and he holed it. So we got off to a good start and just kept it rolling after that.

Q. Talk about 9, 10, and 11. You don't see it all that much where you concede holes almost from the fairway or that type of thing. But you guys bounce back.
JORDAN SPIETH: 11 was one of the most bizarre holes I've ever played. Having to not know where you're dropping it, and then hitting it again in the water because they have to hit first because D.J.'s went further up into the water. It was just an odd hole. We played it the right way. We got a good number walking off a hundred yards from the back of the tee box that A.J. did, and we were able to hit a 6-iron out there and win that hole.

But it was odd. I mean, those three holes, to come out 1-up on those three with some of the places we were playing from, we could have lost 9 and 11 easily. But to win 11 was key.

Q. How weird is it dropping and hitting a 6-iron like that from the women's tee or whatever?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you don't have those numbers. We don't expect to have that. But in alternate shot, you get in some places that you're not used to. D.J.'s not used to playing this far back, and I'm not used to hitting some of the clubs I'm hitting in.

Q. That's I guess golf where sometimes you don't play great, and you win 3 and 2 or whatever you won?
JORDAN SPIETH: 4 and 3, come on, don't cut us short.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I thought we played good today, other than I hit two balls out of play off the tee. But we ended up winning one of the holes that I hit out of play. The other hole we lost that hole, but other than that, I think we played really good golf. We got in a couple spots where.

JORDAN SPIETH: Tough pins. It was tough to make a lot of birdies, and we had a lot of good chances. We could have been 4-under as a team on that front nine, and that would have been a stellar nine. So we've got that in us, and we'll bring it out next time.

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