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September 26, 2015

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Another beautiful day?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, lovely.

Q. Talk about the round.
PAUL CASEY: It was a good round. There was some good ball striking in there. I hit the driver very nicely.

For the most part, I gave myself a lot of opportunities. I got -- it was a better start compared to yesterday, having dropped a shot on 5 and doubling 6. I got my revenge.

It was an opportunity -- when it looked like I was going to drop back to 4-under and all of a sudden two holes later, I was 7-under par and up there in the mix.

I found the back nine very, very difficult, very, very long, as I'm sure a lot of guys did. I thought my caddie was multiplying the numbers rather than adding and subtracting because we have gone from about 170 yards into the 10th hole, we had about 200, almost 240 yards into the 10th today.

So just very, very difficult golf course. Impressed that guys like Rickie shot 67. Just shows how good everybody's playing.

Q. You got a chance to win the TOUR Championship. Winning the golf tournament has got to be the first thing to scratch off and you have a good chance to do that?
PAUL CASEY: I feel like the FedExCup is out of my reach, which I think takes a bit of pressure off of me. I know there's still an outside chance -- I think I would need Jason to be outside of probably worse than 13th.

I want to say Henrik and Jordan fifth and third or something like that. I just -- it could happen, but I don't see it happening.

So, for me, a five year exemption and winner of the TOUR Championship, some free Coca-Cola, it would all be very nice. So that's my focus for tomorrow. I would love to stir the pot a little bit, get up there, win that, get in the clubhouse on a score they can't reach and then let the guys figure out and battle for the big prize behind. That would be very, very nice.

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