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September 25, 2015

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Looking at the scores, tough conditions, tough day to get things going but you held in there pretty well?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm not a great fan of the rain. That's why I live in Arizona.

Great to get off to a quick start from the first with a birdie and I struggled in the middle of that front nine. I lost control of a couple of the longer clubs in the bag. I felt just to down to get a bit of moisture between the ball and the club face. Which caught me -- cost me a couple of shots.

I righted the ship, made some birdies on the back nine.

Frustrating to -- I know I shouldn't miss that pin on 18 left, but I kept myself in it when it was a day, it probably could have gone the other way.

Q. Conditions like this, is it hard to stay patient when you're trying to catch someone playing as well as Henrik? Do you hope he comes back? How do you guys go about catching him at this point?
PAUL CASEY: Well nobody's caught him yet, so maybe we need Henrik to come back a little bit.

I think it's difficult. Today was a difficult testing day. Henrik did a wonderful job of picking up more birdies and getting further ahead.

But if it dries out a little bit, then I expect guys -- it just depends on the forecast. I know the forecast is still iffy tomorrow. But if it dries out I think guys can be a bit more aggressive. They will have better control of the golf ball.

The course is still in amazing shape. But it does -- when it's playing as wet and damp as it is right now, it just makes it awkward. You can't get away with anything. You probably could have got away with missing a couple of shots yesterday in the dry, but not when it's wet, not around this place.

Q. Is it almost safe to say after two rounds, you feel pretty good about your position?
PAUL CASEY: I feel pretty good. It hasn't been my best, so to still be penultimate group tomorrow, not having played my best is -- I had a bet with Kostis to be in the top-5 after 36 holes, so I won myself a bottle of wine. But, so, yeah. That's all right. You won't get that. I got that joke.

Q. What kind of wine do you get for this?
PAUL CASEY: Expensive, hopefully. That wasn't clarified in the bet.


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