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September 24, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your round today.
JORDAN SPIETH: It was a bit of a boring round, which is normally good. Some stress free pars to get going. Just needed to get more dialed in with my wedges and to have better opportunities to make shorter length birdie putts. That's really what it was.

My club face struggling at impact right now. It's been something I've been trying to get over the past couple weeks, where the face just kind of seems to open, kind of jerking open and that's prevented me from being 3- or 4- under on the front nine. I had plenty of chances.

But putting feels a lot more solid, better distance control. And all in all, hopefully this was an off day, it felt like an off day and to finish at 2-under with one bogey means there's only upward to go from here.

Q. You were very animated. Were you mad at your putter or mad at just not being able to square it?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, my putter was fine. It was -- couple times I just got really frustrated on my, either -- whether it was approach shot or it was a tee ball. And it's just a matter of me trying to square the club face and without fear. There's just a bit of fear there, I'm going to go hit a few balls to try and get over it.

But yeah, just very frustrating because I know what it is and I just couldn't stop it for a little while today. But with that struggle, with that being said, struggling, still shot 2-under.

Q. What are you fearing?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't know. Just fearing left because I know that if I rip it over, it's going to go straight. But on the driving range it's easy to do that. But when you have a tee ball with hazard left and you have to re-tee it, it's a different story.

So very frustrating tee shot on 17 just because I knew exactly what was going to happen and I couldn't avoid it. But I can turn over my 3-wood I just need to tighten the lines a bit through the bag.

Q. How much closer does it feel, the golf you were playing before the two missed cuts?
JORDAN SPIETH: Probably halfway. That doesn't mean I can't get the other half out of the last three rounds, but it's been something to just try and reassess, get back. It's been a bit of a struggle in the playoffs here, whether it was ball striking one day, putting the next.

Today was definitely an off day, slightly off day with both and I was able to get in at 2-under. So, this was a round that earlier in the playoffs was a 4-over round. And so I really improved the consistency, even on my misses. And that gives me confidence.

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