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September 12, 2015

Jimmie Johnson


Q. Jimmie Johnson finishes 9th tonight. What happened on those last couple of runs for you?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: We just got tight in the center, and started dropping‑‑ the longer the run went, the car would start to loosen up and I could kind of hold my own and maybe have a chance to get a spot or two back. But with less than 100 to go and then 18 to go that last one, there wasn't a long run in sight. I had a little trouble with some traffic with those guys that were the wave‑arounds. The 17, I don't know where he was going. That cost me a spot with the 2 car. But we worked our way up to third, third and fourth‑ish and we're running real good, just faded a little bit there at the end.

Q. Everyone has been talking about the speed you've had, and is there a switch to be flipped with the 48 and are you concerned about that?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Man, we're flipping anything we can find. We haven't had the pace that we've wanted as a group, certainly for the 48. When I looked at the summer stretch, summers have always been tough at the 48 car. We're getting ready to go to a lot of tracks that have been the bread and butter for our race team. Hopefully we can get things dialed in, get going. We know we have the equipment, just a matter of putting the mouse trap together the right way. I think our team is really bonded, united and ready to go racing. So hopefully this Lowe's Chevy is where it needs to be.

Q. I think those 10 rakes probably 10 best racetracks.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Yeah, they're really good for me. Again, the summer has always been tough. We try and try to have strong summers but usually it leads to a lot of frustration, and 2015 was a frustrating summer.

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