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September 5, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Norton, Massachusetts

Q. How do you assess that one?
JORDAN SPIETH: Pretty similar to last week, except for I'm hitting the ball just fine. I'm hitting the ball as well as I was in the PGA, as well as I was at the Open. I have control of the golfball just fine. For whatever reason I'm not scoring. Today was my putter. Yesterday was my iron -- my distance control from the fairways. Just not everything is exact and fine tuned like it has been this whole year.

So fortunately this year has gone the way it has, and it really doesn't make a difference in the round of FedExCup, that I missed these two putts. As long as I go ahead and make up for it in the last two.

Q. How disappointing is it for you?
JORDAN SPIETH: Very, this is something in my career I've never done. I've done a lot of things I've never done positively this year. This is something I've never done that's negative. You know, I just -- whatever is going on, normally my mental game is my strength -- a strength of mine. And it's something I feel like I have an advantage over other players on. These past two weeks it was a weakness for me. And I've just got to go back and reassess how to remain positive. Just look at today, I caught a lot of bad breaks. I hit a lot of good shots that hit the numbers we wanted to and they either bounded over the green or they just ended up in tough spots. At the end I had to kind of press. And when I missed two fairways it wasn't the time to press, so that led to two bogeys, and I couldn't come back from there.

But all in all this is a round ball-striking-wise where I typically shoot 4- or 5-under, and I just couldn't score today.

Q. Can you tell us when the last time you had this feeling about your mental aspect of your game?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, it goes in spurts. This one is lasting a little longer than normal. Sometimes it happens over the course of five holes, sometimes it happens over nine holes. And the good news is that it can flip the other way very quickly. And that's what I'm taking out of this. I needed to get off to a good start yesterday. I needed to get a birdie or bogey just to start that round, just to get a little confidence back from the week before. And I started 2-over through four. It was a bad decision and a bad swing. And it was kind of just the worst thing that could happen at that time. Coming off a missed cut where I've been playing so well, I just needed that little bit of confidence early in the round yesterday and I could be 6- or 7-under very easily, if I'm 1-under through 4, instead of 2-over. The fact that that can make a difference is something that's good and bad. I've got to reassess and hopefully go into Conway, a place I've played pretty well at last time, with a little extra experience. And the ball-striking I had today was fantastic. I loved the control I had. I didn't miss many shots. I got a lot of tough bounces. That's going to happen. And typically I can turn that into an even or 1-under round. And I didn't with my putter today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm going to take some time away. It's probably going to be good for me to take at least four days and not touch a club, in my mind. Maybe get back Wednesday with Cameron and just go through a normal routine. Nothing is different. Again, I don't feel it's far off, even though my score is far off. It's just weird. It's almost like a bad dream. I just wake up and get the putts to go again. That's where I feel it's at. I had really bad self talk this week, something I haven't experienced in quite a while. Maybe heightened by just everything that's happened this year, and just being so used to being in contention, that not only was I out of it but I was also outside the cut line. And maybe it just heightened my self talk. I need to walk with some cockiness in my step these next two tournaments. That's going to be a big stage. I don't think I have to fix much in my game other than really work hard on my putting into Conway and then mentally I can control that. I can control walking with the cockiness, whether things are going good or bad, and that's what you have to have inside the ropes. And I'll bring it when we get to Chicago.

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