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September 3, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Norton, Massachusetts

JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Jordan Spieth into the interview room here at the Deutsche Bank Championship. He enters the week No. 2 in the FedExCup. He's had four wins this season, including victories at the Masters and the U.S. Open.

Can we get some comments on being here?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I love this place. This is a really cool place, because two years ago it was a place that I would call a pivotal moment in my career, finished playing alongside Phil and Harry English, and finishing I think it was 5-under in the last four and then getting a spot on the Presidents Cup team because I think obviously because of the year, but I think that round solidified it.

And I have great memories here. Played well the last couple of years and have been working hard early this week, from Sunday afternoon, Monday morning on, just to get ready for a solid week.

The hospitality here is fantastic, we all love coming to south Boston, north Providence. We stay in Providence, and it's cool, because my family comes in, too, my brother starts school up in Brown normally around this week. So we have kind of a family week, as well. All in all it's just a fun time.

JOHN BUSH: Speaking of the overall week, threw out the first pitch the Fenway, talk about that experience.

JORDAN SPIETH: It was really cool. Fenway was very different from throwing it out at the Ranger game. I'm a diehard Ranger fan, but at Fenway, especially for a Red Sox/Yankees game, all the fans are in their seat by the time you throw it out. There was more people there, and it was loud, it was nerve-wracking, It really was, but it was a lot of fun. Just tried to toss it quickly. I don't know if anybody saw it, but right when I got the ball it was out in about three seconds and I was running right up to the seats. But what a cool ballpark that is, one of the greatest things in sports.

Q. Go back to that round a couple of years ago you shot, I don't know, 48 or whatever you scored that day. When did you find out from the phone call, you know, I think, Phil was on the phone in a couple of minutes to Freddie Couples, when did you find out and what did you think when you heard that?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, I remember being interviewed live because there was a rain delay, right after we finished. I think we finished because I was with Phil and he had a corporate day the next day, so we kind of waited -- we heard thunder with four holes to go. I don't know if it was the Phil effect or what, but we finished the round and during the delay I was being interviewed by Steve Sands and he kind of bumped me on the elbow and said I've got a good feeling for you. And I said that's the great. And then packed up the stuff. I guess he had said that he had texted with Freddie or something like that. But on the drive home, the picks weren't going to come out until the next Tuesday, but on the drive home I got a call from -- two texts from Freddie and he said, congratulations, you're going to be on the team. And it was that Sunday or whatever that is, that Monday, I guess, afternoon that I knew then. And it was pretty awesome to happen that fast. Earlier that morning I wasn't sure and I was trying to just wrack up maybe a back door top-10, and then everything changed with that round.

Q. What was the deal with putting in new irons, getting the old ones back, and how much fun time did you give up to grind and why?
JORDAN SPIETH: So I've never had trouble transitioning between my AP2 irons, these are new ones. I changed at Congressional, the last couple of years. I just went to a new set, normally change once a year between irons. And even when they've updated the irons I still had no problem.

This time there's -- I had some time at home to change in between the PGA and the Barclays, and didn't see many issues or any differences, so I figured it would be no problem. And then I just felt that they were sliding through the turf a little different and the look was a bit of an adjustment. They looked slightly different. I still think they're going to be a better iron. I think they are improved. But most of what I did was I hit off mats with Cameron. I did some practicing off grass in the off week, and of course I practiced at the Barclays prior to playing. But didn't see many issues on the driving range, but once I got to some uneven lies and whatnot I could tell some difference. My old irons, I switched back to this week, they're not beat up enough to effect it negatively. I figured I'll go with what I have this year, until after The Presidents Cup, and then I'll find the right fit.

Q. What did you give up?
JORDAN SPIETH: I went into the city, I played a round with Rickie and our caddies at Baltusrol, and then Sunday rested. And then Cameron could come in Monday and Tuesday, I figured we would come up here, versus anywhere else. The best practice we could get is playing at the course that week. Cameron came up and we worked all Monday and Tuesday. Got a lot of good work in.

There wasn't much to fix. It was more what I was making up in my head. I was creating bigger problems than there really was, which I figured was the case, it's just nice to have him behind letting me know that it looks good, you can produce all the bull flights, you can win with what you're doing right now. It hasn't changed. So that's what I really needed for a couple of days and I'm glad he came up. I didn't give up on much fun. I went into the city and awesome high school friends that were either living in New York for grad school or a couple of friends take came up from Dallas. And then shot up on Sunday.

Q. Michael choke at Baltusrol?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, Michael choked at Baltusrol. We played -- me and Michael versus Rickie and Joe match. And to be honest it was a bit unfair to start. Joe is quite a bit better than Michael. But at the same time we lost by three and Rickie beat me by four. So really it's on me. Rickie shot an effort also 64 at Baltusrol, so I didn't keep up with him that day.

Q. I wanted to ask you about what you've done since missing the cut at the Barclays. You don't miss too many cuts. What goes into the thought process with what you do with your time that you're not expecting to have. This tournament being a Friday start, did you consider popping back home?
JORDAN SPIETH: I did. I certainly considered going back home. To be honest it was going to be a bit more of a pain. I was already up here, to fly three and a half hours back, and then four hours back up here, even though I would have had three or four days in between. If I could get on these greens, versus in Dallas it's 110 degrees. The greens in Dallas, you can't find any faster than an 8 on the Stimpmeter. I wanted to get some good speed work and putting work, and be able to practice for longer periods of time during the morning, or at least start out in the morning and not overheat or dehydrate myself. It is hard to practice a full day in Dallas this time of year.

It made more sense to be up here and it was easy for Cameron to make some time. We wanted to get into the conditions that we would be playing this week and almost feel like we were just still in the rhythm, versus going back, like an off week, trying to establish something different.

Q. Seeing Jason play, seeing Rory play, seeing each other excel, how do you think you affect one another?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't necessarily think we do. I think we're all focused on our own goals. And, yeah, we have to -- as one, two and three in the world we're the three that have to, I guess, beat each other at the top right now in order to try to get to the top or to remain at the top.

But as far as I'm not focused on what either one's doing on the leaderboard unless they're in the lead, and then if they're in the lead how do I get up there and surpass them.

But honestly, it has no effect off the course, we're working hard just to try to win the tournament. There's a hundred guys this week that are fully capable of having four good days and winning this event. And hopefully that can be me.

Q. I know you know Tom Brady a little bit through Under Armour, and we're waiting for this decision to come down. Is there a part of you hoping that maybe he's suspended for that October game in Dallas?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, not at all. You always want to beat the best when they're playing the best. And so I think that the cowboys are fully capable of beating the Patriots, whether they're in full strength or not. But, yeah, I know Tom, I've gotten to know him through Under Armour. And I don't have much to comment on. I haven't looked into it much on what's going on. But as far as the Cowboys are concerned, we'd like to beat every team playing their best, just play a little bit better.

Q. Since you brought The Presidents Cup up, how do you see your role different from when Freddie texted you two years ago? Obviously a lot has happened in the two-year span?
JORDAN SPIETH: I do think it will be a bit of a different role. I didn't know many of the guys back then. I was just meeting some of them at the Presidents Cup there. I didn't start that season until Tampa, back in the States. And I still wasn't in most of the big events. I wasn't in the Masters that year. And had to qualify for The Open.

This year having known the guys for a couple of years and being a bit involved in texting with Jay when he asked me questions about what I think of younger players, of older players, what we think about the team, what we think about the decision to -- what we think about decisions on lowering the number of points, changing the formality. I feel extremely involved ahead of time and it's cool. It's cool to be in this position.

I also feel that I'll be counted on to play as many times as available, just because I'm younger and we have a couple established -- we have a couple teams that we know work based on whether it be the Ryder Cup or the past Presidents Cups. So I feel going in -- of course, it depends on who's playing solid that week, but at least going in I feel that I'll be ready to play as many times as necessary. And last time it was more getting my feet wet hoping I can win to keep on playing. This time just having a bit more input ahead of time is pretty cool. It's cool that at 22 he's asking for my advice, and really all the guys, trying to get the whole team involved, the whole team that's already set involved in who we want and what we like for the format.

Q. Was there any thought after the first round at Barclays maybe switching, if the look and the things you talked about, were sort of bothering you. Did you have them with you, and when did you decide I'm going to go back to the old irons and put these on the bench for a little while?
JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't have them with me, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do. At the end of the round you're not going to sit there and blame the irons, you're going to blame yourself, as I should. The problems I got in last week were with my driver and wedges, my irons were not the issue. When I was looking down I saw something a bit different and for me that was enough to make me want to go back until the season concludes. So they weren't there. It was right after -- I didn't even do it. Michael texted Cameron and said since you're coming up, will you run by, talk to my dad, run by my house and grab the irons out of the garage and bring them up when you come up. And I didn't even know that he was bringing them. Again, I didn't think it was the irons. I was planning on just digging through it and reassessing when I got home after this week. But Cameron brought them up. So I hit both on the range and just decided I wanted to go back to what was comfortable.

Q. You seemed very excited about becoming No. 1 at the PGA and not overly concerned about losing No. 1 last week. Is that a fair assessment, first of all? And secondly, are you prepared for this back and forth that might happen between the three of you guys coming up over the coming weeks, months, maybe even years?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's a fair assessment. You're surely more excited and then obviously play it off when it goes the other way. I was already upset enough about just missing the cut by whatever it was, five shots, which almost never happens. So I was really upset with my play. And so deflecting anything else.

But it stinks to lose that position, it really does. Again, like I mentioned right after on that Friday, I think, that the system, it's a two-year system. I think it's a fair system. You can go off of a year, you could go off two week, you could go off four years and it's going to change who's in that seat.

I believe that Jason is No. 1 right now. I mean who would argue that after last week. He's playing the best of anybody right now. Until somebody dethrones him, hopefully me this week, he's still that guy to beat right now.

Yeah, I look forward to all three of us and some continuing to push each other. Golf's in a cool place right now with young guys that are not afraid to win. And as we saw at the PGA even guys who have had major shortfalls in major championships can just power through like they've won ten of them and just dominate a golf course like Jason did that Sunday. And that just shows that it's not going to be given up. It's not going to be handed to you. You have to work and beat the best at their best in order to keep it going. And the best at their best are at as high a level as has been in the last few years. Like I said, it's a great spot for golf and I'm happy to be battling for it.

Q. How enjoyable is this time now? Trying to talk up the Big Three, but for you how enjoyable is it?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's enjoyable. It was the Big One. And after the Masters, it was the Big Two. And Rickie won the PLAYERS, then it was the Big Three. The U.S. happened and it was the Big Two. And Jason won three out of four weeks, it's the Big Three. I just hope I stay in the "big" moment, whenever it changes next. I hope I'm the one staying in that space.

And there's no doubt that, like I just said, Jason is the best golfer in the world right now, at the present moment, there's no doubt in my mind. It just depends on who's going to keep working. I know he was here yesterday practicing late. And that just shows that we're all pushing each other. I recognize the hard work that all these guys are putting in, and I need to work even harder and catch the breaks and make more putts in order to top them. It's hard to do. It's really hard to do. But it is a really cool position to be in to be able to push each other.

Q. You mentioned that you got in your head last event, was it simply the irons that they've been talking about, the adjustment, or was there something else that you were getting down on yourself, because you've been uber confident?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, no, it wasn't the irons. That's what I'm saying. Again, I didn't blame the irons all after the round. They're great irons, they're going to be ones that I play. I may as well use the ones I've used all this year, this year has gone all right. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I was in my own head just because -- I just had a short fuse, for whatever reason, whether I was a little worn out, whether I just built it into my head before the tournament started that the golf course wasn't a good fit for me, that doesn't help. I really like the three courses that are coming up, so that's not going to be a problem.

But that was a different golf course, one that's a really, really cool member golf course last week, I think it's very tricked out when we play it. Jason shot 19 under, so obviously you should be able to score. I just had a short fuse and I let it -- stuff that I can normally shoo off easily just upset me a bit more than normal. If you have a short fuse and you go black before red in a tournament or it turns black in that early second nine that first day, I didn't bounce back from it like normal.

So I've done a good job this week of doing a lot of talking with Cameron, he's been my mental coach as well about how to make that fuse a bit longer and hopefully not going off for quite a while. It's frustrating. When I missed a couple of shots right, typically I'd be like, okay, big whoop, it was the environment. And I thought it was me, and I needed to make all these adjustments and change stuff up. And I haven't had to do that the whole year, so why would I have to do that then. And hopefully this week is a different story.

Q. I know you said this is kind of a family week for you guys with your brother at Brown. Have you ever had a chance to see him play at Brown and with that, maybe spend some time in Providence in a non-business trip situation?
JORDAN SPIETH: Play basketball? Yeah, I've shot some -- I've come up when he's had practice there, watched a couple of times. And shot some free throws. But I haven't truly played basketball, because I don't want to get hurt. I don't do anything off course. It's cool. It's cool being here. Yes, I have taken a couple of trips here, and I plan on it this year, as well, coming up and watching him play and spend time in Providence. It's a great town, I really enjoy it. We all love it.

My sister always loves coming up. They get to go -- my parents come to probably eight or nine games a year, which is, coming from Dallas, not easy. So it's a big deal over the winter break to do that. I'll join them more this year, I think, than I have the last couple.

My brother will tell you, it wasn't pretty that winter I was shooting free throws there. Normally that was my strong suit, but I was throwing up bricks.

Q. When you talked about short fuse and things like that, I guess sometimes we forget the fact that you're only 22. How much do you still feel like you're adjusting to actually being on the PGA Tour?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, at times still, certainly. I'm definitely not a veteran, I'll be the first to tell you. I'm not even a full -- I'm really two and a half years in being out here. And so when I think about it that way, it's not an excuse, by any means, but there's always more maturing to do. And that showed last week. I feel like we hold it together extremely well and learn from our mistakes very quickly, which is key to our success on the course. But that fuse still can come up. Unless we find the right time as a team, me and Michael, to -- whether it's during a round, whether it's right after a round to sit down and take a deep breath and toss it away, and kind of restart. Then it will get the best of me. And it has. It did it at Torrey Pines this year. It certainly did it at The PLAYERS. It's done it a couple of times where I haven't made cuts this year, where the fuse still went off, but I was able to hold it together a bit, but certainly could have improved. There's always room for improvement. And there's still a lot for me to learn out here, and there's no doubt about that. I'm the first one to admit that I can still show some immaturity on the golf course, for sure.

Q. What's your shortest fuse ever? Any age. Any sport?
JORDAN SPIETH: Any age. Any sport. It had to be golf. Golf is the most frustrating. It's all on you. You can't blame it on any of your teammates. I was probably -- when I was 13, 14, you can ask Cameron, I wasn't fun to be around when things weren't going well on the golf course, not at all. Not that I am now, but I certainly wasn't then.

Q. There's got to be a good club throw somewhere?
JORDAN SPIETH: I can never remember throwing a club. I did in a junior club championship, kind of slam my putter in my bag. I took it out the next hole, I think I was 11, took it out the next hole and it was slightly bent, but I didn't know the rule. So I kept using it. And I putted great. The putter was significantly bent. The thing was like a V, like a slight V where the putter was well in front of where my hands were. I think I made three birdies in the last six holes with a bent putter, and I was so excited about it. I was telling my dad after the round, dad, look I bent my putter, I finished with three birdies, I'm still in this thing. And he calls Joey Andrews, who was the assistant pro are I took lessons from at the time starting out. And he said, hey, this is what happened. And this is without me knowing, all behind my back. I came in the next day and they took me into his office and hey, will you read this rule. And they opened the rule book, and it showed disqualification. I was just absolutely torn apart. I was so pumped. I've got a nonconforming club and I could still do it, this was cool. That's about as bad as it was. It's a pitch and putt course, it's the easiest course of the three at the place I grew up. 260 yard par-4s and whatnot. I think I was a couple over at the time and -- or a few over at the time and I was really upset.

Q. Is that your last DQ?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it was my one and only.

JOHN BUSH: Jordan Spieth, thank you, sir.

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