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August 21, 2015

Paul Casey


Q. Another 4-under 66. Your thoughts on how you played today.
PAUL CASEY: It felt better today than yesterday. Wasn't meant to be any wind but we had a light zephyr out there, probably ten mile an hour which made the golf course, I feel, play more difficult.
The greens are drying out. They played super quick this morning. They really were. These might be the best greens of the year that we putt on and, you know, had to throw some birdies at it because Davis was showing everybody -- what is he now, 51 or something like that? It's pretty impressive.
It's nice to go out there and try and chase Davis. We know he's probably going to hang around this leaderboard all week. Guys who haven't yet teed off will throw in some numbers, too. I had to go out and play well today.

Q. You got to pick it up and clean it yesterday. Playing it down today, any mud balls out there and how good is the golf course?
PAUL CASEY: The of course is superb. Yeah, there were a couple mud balls but nothing too serious and I don't think it's going to be a factor, you know, moving ahead.
The key is knowing where to position it as you go around this golf course. If you can actually have a good attitude as well because it's going to be a lot of divots out there, not being able to move it, possibly move it out of those divots can be a factor.
You know, take the rought with the smooth. All in all, it's actually a premium out there. This is one of the, to me, one of the best stops of the year, it really is.

Q. You're in really good shape going into the FedExCup Playoffs. Give us an overall evaluation of how you're today playing right now and how you feel as you go into the post-season.
PAUL CASEY: I feel really good. I had two weeks off after The Open Championship. Came into Akron actually very relaxed and unprepared. I knew that Akron was the start of five week stint for me. I'm right in the middle of that right now.
And so I had to sort of save the energy because I knew that, you know, this kind of post-season stuff or end of season FedExCup Playoffs can be wearing.
You want to make it all the way through. If you get to Atlanta which, for me, is the goal, you're probably going to be fatigued, probably fill of adrenaline which will carry you through the final event.
I'm going to crack and play some fall stuff as well. You know, it's not the end of the season. There's a lot of golf left. I like the fact I've taken some time off and maybe I can use that to my advantage that other guys haven't. There's still room for improvement in my golf game especially chasing Jason Day last week.
So, I'm keen about things, I'm excited, I'm keen to work and excited to be out here which is good.

Q. Paul back to back rounds of 66. How would you access your play in the two days?
PAUL CASEY: I was happy, especially today. I think the 66 was better than yesterday's round. Little bit of wind out there that picked up and wasn't forecast. I thought it maybe played a shot harder than it was yesterday and those greens are drying out and, boy, they're getting fast. You've got to be very weary of what the grain is doing otherwise things can get away from you.
Happy to move up the leaderboard. It's nice -- Davis is nice and really great stuff so far. I'm happy I'm kind of staying in the mix.

Q. With your ability to go out this morning and shoot a number, with the afternoon guys you feel like you have to position yourself for the weekend?
PAUL CASEY: I do. It's nice to be done early on the Friday and being in a comfortable position. It's a great leaderboard right behind me. If the wind lays down a bit I fully expect probably a few guys to get into double digits and keep on going as this week progresses.
You know, everybody knows when you come here you're going to have to shoot four rounds in the 60s if you want to sniff the leaderboard come the weekend. So, a long way to go but I'm happy with the start.

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