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August 16, 2015

Jordan Spieth

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, yeah, it's by far the best consolation, by far the best loss I think I've ever had.

I played solid golf. I played 11-under on the weekend off of the tough draw the first two days and still had a chance to really win. Although the key holes were 8 through 12 for me today where I really needed to make a statement and couldn't get it to go, I still provided some opportunities to maybe put pressure on at the end and he just shut the door.

He was sitting there swinging as hard as he could off the tee, and every single drive was right down the middle of the fairway. I think he missed two shots today and he made two bogeys off of that. But the ones he capitalized on were good enough.

The fact that I would have had to shoot 7- or 8-under to win, if you told me that at the beginning of the week, I'd have told you I missed the cut. A lot of positives come out of today. To be No. 1 in the world as a team is fantastic. Certainly it was a lifelong goal of mine, and that was accomplished today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't think so. In the practice rounds, I didn't think so when I was here two weeks ago. No, I didn't think -- my goal when the day started was I said Michael, if we get three, we might be in a playoff and four to win. And I shot four. The wind never really stayed high. And Jason didn't miss enough shots. It was good enough to be, I think, separated by a couple of shots from third. Jason just -- it was his day. He played like a champion and he fully deserved this win.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you know, 15 is a really hard hole to be aggressive on. 17 certainly, you can't do a whole lot on 17. I almost got it to where it would go down the ridge. And then I hit it to a spot where I could make it on 18. It is a tough place to get aggressive on. 16, even with a poor 3-wood still had birdie. And that would have been a hard one to make, anyway.

So, yeah, even if I did pull off the shots at the end, like it was close to being, it still wouldn't have been good enough. And sometimes there's not much you can do. Typically in a major you're looking for somebody in Jason's position to miss a couple of shots and just feel the nerves of his own. And he went about it like a seasoned veteran, it was almost like it was his fifth or sixth major. I wouldn't say I was surprised, but I was amazed that he kept pulling driver and kept hitting it in the tight zones. I probably would have hit 3-wood in that scenario just to keep it in play. He proved me wrong. Each time he stood and took it back, I had hope. And each time after it came off the face the hope was lost.

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