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August 10, 2015

Mariah Stackhouse


Q. So I think, what, three birdies and a bogey today?

Q. Nice round for you. How do you feel after today?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: I feel pretty good. I was excited to get out and get started today, simply because after the practice rounds, I realized I liked the course. It doesn't play too long. The trouble out here is you have to be careful on the greens and you have to hit the ball in the fairway, so I knew if I came out today and hit my driver well, it was going to be a good time. So I came out, I hit one drive on the range today, it was perfect, and I didn't hit a driver again and hit it pretty well all day. It's definitely a great starting round. After playing a couple of the Girls' and a couple of the Ams, I realized that the best thing to do is get a good seed so you don't start off having to really fight the whole way through, and so I thought that this year I would try to make it into match play with a good seed, so that was my goal coming in for the week was just to play good stroke play rounds. I've got one round out of the way, so we'll see what my game brings me tomorrow.

Q. Your three birdies were all in your first nine holes. Anything particularly stand out to you or can you tell me about those birdies?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Yeah, which hole was it, Daddy, that I tapped in? It's 14 that's the kind of uphill, dogleg left, slight -- yeah, I think it's 14. Yeah, because the par-5 is 15. I had like a one-footer to tap in for birdie on that hole, and I'd hit pretty much every green leading up to that point, so that kind of settled me in for the day, and that was a good birdie. Starting off with a birdie on 10, too. It's always nice to start on a par-5. Sometimes it's sad, though, because I look at par-5s as opportunity holes, so to start out with one without being warmed up, I was happy to get started with a birdie on that one.

Q. What's it like having Dad on the bag?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: It's good. One of the favorite things about him is that I'm comfortable talking to him, so if he's doing a good thing, then I can trust that he knows what he's saying. If he's saying something I don't like, I can be comfortable saying, no, Dad, that's not what I want to do. It's great just having that father-daughter relationship because there's no awkwardness.

Q. Are you still riding off a high from NCAAs?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Definitely. I still think about it, and I can't believe it happened. We still talk about it every time we see each other, so it's -- that was just like -- I mean, you go to college and that's what you want to happen. It's still a pretty crazy feeling.
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