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August 9, 2015

Jordan Spieth


JORDAN SPIETH: Today was a good solid round. I had more momentum. I felt more connected too. Even though I wasn't striking it prior to the round, I just felt like I was a little more in rhythm. After that drive on 2, I actually fed off of it. I didn't miss a fairway with my driver today. If I did, it's because it landed in the correct part, and then it funneled off into the rough. That's really nice out on this golf course. If you can hit your driver and not miss a shot with a driver, you should definitely shoot under par out here. It was set up with a mix of some gettable hole locations and then some holes where it was just really dicey around it. I liked the course setup today for a Sunday. You can make birdies, but you can also get into trouble and very pleased with the way that we rebounded.

Q. How did the chip-in feel?
JORDAN SPIETH: It felt nice. Just a standard little bunker shot. It was just perched a little on the upslope and only had about 15 feet between me and the hole. Didn't have much of anything to deal with that would bother me. So I just plopped it out. If you hit it fat, it's going to roll forward. If you catch it near the ball, it's going to spin. It's one of those where you're looking to get it right next to the hole. So fortunately, it went in.

Q. You haven't won every tournament before a major, but you've seemingly played pretty well going in. How much has that helped just to come off a tournament going into the next one feeling pretty good about your game?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think it helps a lot. I think, for the most part, guys go in streaks with the way they play throughout a year. You see guys starting to trend the right direction, and all of a sudden, they're in contention a few weeks in a row. Then maybe they have an off week, and then they bring it back. We seem to have nice timing with where we're trending upwards this year. Whether that's the plan we put in place or it's dumb luck, one of the two, I'll take it. I felt like I played -- overall, aside from yesterday, I thought I played some really good golf this week, good enough to contend in the tournament. This golf course just may not be the best fit for me. But going off of today and that second round, that felt like I'd have been at 10-under through those two rounds anywhere else. So that's how I'm looking at it. I'm looking at it as a nice solid week, and I'll really just try and feed off of this round more than anything.

Q. How does your game feel going into this week compared to how it's felt going into each of the first three majors of the year?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think it feels pretty similar to how it felt going into The Open, The Open Championship. Off of the John Deere, I got off to a rough start and then really got it going. I caught a couple good breaks, a couple good chip-ins and ended up winning the event. I feel like I'm playing at about that level that I came off of the John Deere at. Going into the U.S. and going into the Masters, maybe felt even more confident about my game then maybe right now just in the way I'm striking it, but that can change in a couple of days. I'll get with Cameron probably early in the morning tomorrow out there, and we'll nail down what we need to.

Q. Jordan, even though Bubba won the Masters more than you lost it last year, when you went back there the very next time, whenever that was, what were your memories?
JORDAN SPIETH: As I got onto the grounds, it's such a special place that I always have a smile. It was in December was the next time that I was there.

Q. Playing the course and knowing the various holes --
JORDAN SPIETH: As I'm playing the course, it started out really positive, but as we turned to about 7, 8 -- as we turned to about 8, 9 and the back nine, I definitely remember playing it and thinking to myself -- because I was getting -- I went with Randall Stevenson of AT&T and a bunch of his buddies. I was getting asked a bunch of questions about the Masters and being in contention while I was playing with them. As that happened, I got a little bit frustrated out there. I remember that, just because you want to have the back nine of Augusta just be such a positive place in your mind, and at the time, it wasn't because I had a chance to win and didn't. For me, that's like heaven for me, that back nine. It's the most special place in the world. So going back this year to now have it as a place that I look at and I can see some pretty special shots and great memories as the back nine concludes, I think the next time I go back, it will be a different story for sure.

Q. Do you think going there in December prepared you for maybe not feeling quite that way once you were there in April?
JORDAN SPIETH: Maybe, yeah. I was going to make at least a couple trips before Masters week anyways. So it's hard to speak to that. I think it was more that I just kept on getting asked the questions than anything else, which is why it brought it back. Otherwise, I'd have just played it as its own, I guess, if that makes sense.

Q. What's your schedule the next few days? Going tonight or --
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, just going this afternoon. You guys are holding me back actually, and Ryan Palmer is waiting. But -- I'm kidding. Going to go over and get some rest. Cameron gets in tonight. We'll probably get out in the morning tomorrow and get our practice in before. I don't know -- I'll probably play nine holes tomorrow. I'll either go 9, 18, 9, or I'll go 18, 18, 9. But Tuesday we've got a game with me and Justin Thomas versus Phil and Rickie. And I'm going to try to get the U.S. Open trophy flown in so I can sit it on the front of each green for Phil so I'll have something for him to -- that's just dishing it back (laughter). We'll see if we can get somebody to carry it around for the round. It's the first time I have something on him.

Q. Can I just follow up real quickly. If Cameron's coming in, I know you're trending upward on your game right now, but what is it you would need him to look at or work on?
JORDAN SPIETH: There's certainly things he'll dissect. We'll look tonight. He'll get the stat reports in, and he'll look tonight, and just ask me questions more than anything tomorrow on the range. That way, sometimes the stats may show you didn't hit -- you hit nine fairways today. I really didn't miss a fairway today, in my mind. It's stuff like that, where we can fine tune what exactly went wrong, certain shots throughout the week, where we noticed something was up. It's all just about -- it's nothing major with Cameron, it never is, especially major championship week. It's just about really feeling like I have tight ball control, tight start lines. And for the course next week, drive the ball the way I did today.
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