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August 7, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q. You broke par. That was a first, right?

Q. Kind of another little goal accomplished?
JORDAN SPIETH: I guess so. It goes with the bigger goal of trying to give myself a chance to win this championship. It wasn't going to happen shooting even. Really happy with the finish. I felt like, even though I only hit three greens on the front nine, which is my back nine, I hit a lot of really good shots. 4 through 7, I didn't feel like I missed a shot, and I was 2-over on those holes. That was really frustrating. When I was on No. 8, after I caught a flier on that second, I was as frustrated as I've been in a while on the course just because I didn't know what I could be doing, what I could be doing any better. I'm playing the wind. The wind shoots it one way when it's supposed to go the other, or the ball is flying a little shorter or further than expected. Just couldn't quite get it nailed in to the right number. And then I was a little aggressive on a couple of putts. But very pleased with the way I can make six birdies hitting nine greens. That's a nice percentage if we could up the greens in regulation.

Q. Was the ball on 7 just -- not on 7. On 5, just a little overaggressiveness on that putt?
JORDAN SPIETH: I looked in my greens book, and it showed downhill overall. When you're behind it, it looks like you're putting up a ridge. I knew it was going to be a little quicker when I thought. When I hit it, I thought it was three foot past pace. I'd be surprised if you see some guys hit that the right pace this afternoon. That's a wicked hard putt and one that you actually almost want to be left of the hole and long on that tee shot, and I felt like I hit it right where it needed to be. It was a little aggressive. It was a little harder than I wanted to hit it, but as it was moving, I didn't think it would go that far by.

Q. Why don't you play golf left-handed?
JORDAN SPIETH: Give everybody else a chance. Don't quote me on that.

Q. When you first picked up a stick of some sort, was it always a right-handed swing? Or was there ever --
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I'm pretty sure, from when I was really, really little, it was a baseball bat and a golf club right-handed. My dad's left-handed. So the opposite of Phil and his dad. He's swinging one way, teaching me, whether it's hitting a baseball or it's swinging a club, and I'm facing him learning. But for whatever reason, I throw left-handed. I'm all messed up. Basketball lefty. I'm left eye dominant. I have more feel in my left hand. That's why I putt left hand low. That's why when my head tilts or whatever I can see my lines better.

Q. Your first chip-in in a while. How did that feel?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think since the Deere, so a couple tournaments. We had a couple that week. That felt nice. That ball was humming. It was going to go seven or eight feet past the hole, but it wasn't that hard of a chip. It just came out a little flyer-like. But hit the pin dead center, and that was -- I didn't hit one good shot on that hole, and I made birdie. And then I didn't miss a shot on 4, and I make a bogey. Then miss a shot on 5 and -- it's just crazy. This game of golf can be a little odd in the slightest way sometimes.

Q. How many is that for the year?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's 13 now, which is right on the over/under between me and Mike, which means anything from now is a win. I got it.
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