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July 23, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q. How do you feel about the round?
BUBBA WATSON: I feel great. At the end of the day you can't really look at what you did. You look at the end of the day, and that's the way I do it. The score is 4-under, didn't kill myself and I'm right there. So three tough days to go. The golf course is getting firm. It's fast. There are a couple holes out there that the greens are, I wouldn't say they're burned out, but they're burned out.

Q. With the fairways the way they are, is it a little bit equaled out in terms of distance? (Indiscernible)?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I mean, if a long hitter, you hit it in the rough, the ball's not going to go as far. So whoever hits it in the fairway, it's going to run. But it's playing tough right now, especially with the wind picking up. I mean, number, what was that, 6? 6 by the book says it's 330 to run out. I hit 3-wood. Tried to hit it easy, it almost went in the water. Jim hit, he tried to hit easy driver, and he almost went in the water. And then the green is rock hard, so you add all that up and it's a tough hole. I'm the only one that bogeyed, so I guess it's not as tough.

Q. What was the biggest difference for you today on your front and your back? What's it the wind picking up?
BUBBA WATSON: Just bad golf. I three-putted what is that, the par-5, No. 2? My 11th hole. I three-putted that, so that was a quick mistake. Then I hit a good swing. The wind didn't drift it, so I'm up against the lip, and I had to chip out. When I chipped out of the bunker on, what was that? 5? So I chipped out of the bunker there, and then I compounded it with another bad lie and in the first cut of rough there. Came up short and three-putted again. So two three-putts. It wasn't ball striking. It was two three-putts. You get back those two three-putts and we're at 6-under par and it's a different conversation we're having.

Q. Do you almost feel like an honorary Canadian out here? You're getting the support just because of the family situation?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I'm not sponsored by RBC. So you'd think half my family's Canadian, so you would think maybe I can get a logo on me. But, no, I guess the Canadians don't like me that much.

Q. Do you get some extra love out there do you think?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I think so. I've got friends and family here. I've gained a lot of friends because of my family up here. We come up here and a lot of people travel. They went the train because it's too early to drive. So they went the train this morning to come out ask watch me. I think I gave out 20 or 30 tickets this week to friends and family.

Q. Score some Brownie points?
BUBBA WATSON: At least I've got people watching me.

Q. Score some brownie points with your father-in-law for getting him into the Pro-Am?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, too bad I'm not showing the receipt of how much it costs. But I bet I get a lot of brownie points.

Q. Can you talk about saving par (Indiscernible)?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, that was big. Again, we fought into the wind. It was 290 to the end of the fairway. So I fought into the wind with a big cut or slice whatever you call it. I thought it would be okay, but it just bounced and was firm. (Indiscernible) then I thought I hit a great shot and it only went 80 yards, so that was really weird. Unfortunately for me, I flew it a little too far with the next shot out of the bunker, but it spun back a little bit. Then to make the putt, the last two putts on 8 and 9 to make those two was huge and momentum.

Q. On the bunker shot, you hit the bunker shot and it flew a little bit far.
BUBBA WATSON: To me, when I walked in, it was a lot of sand. Then when I hit it, there was no sand. It was one of those things where you're in a bunker, but you're always guessing. You're always trying to guess what the lie is. If it's firm or if it's soft. So I guessed soft, so I went one extra club, and it came out firm. So it's just one of those things that's funny. All we're doing is it's a guess. Just like in the rough, it's always a guess.
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