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July 16, 2015

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: Nice drive, 80 yards to 15 feet and just missed it left.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAUL CASEY: I under prepared having watched all the guys play this morning in sort of broken clouds and partial sunshine and sleeveless sweaters. It was freezing out there. Miserable. The good news is I played quite well and didn't play myself out of it because it was very easy -- I felt like -- I think I'm about tied for 29th or something, but I felt like that was a score that was probably a top-10-this-afternoon score. That's what it felt like. And touch wood, we get a little bit lucky tomorrow. Looks like we're going to get the rough side of it, but if I grind it out, I can maybe keep in this thing.

Q. It looks like everybody is going to get some kind of bad weather whether it's early or late, so everybody will be in the same boat tomorrow.
PAUL CASEY: I hope. If everybody is in the same boat, I'll be very happy. My worry is we won't be.

Q. You called it on Monday, didn't you? You looked at the weather and said --
PAUL CASEY: I got the good side of it last time we were here five years ago. Guys like Rory got the wrong side of it. He had a wonderful first round and then just got wiped off the golf course in the second round.

Q. (Inaudible)?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you need a little bit of luck. You'd like to think it all evens out over a career. I don't think it has yet.

Q. What were the highlights for you today?
PAUL CASEY: Second shot into 15. I've played, oh, I don't know, 60-plus rounds of golf around this golf course. I know it pretty well, and there's some pin positions I've never seen before out there. You get used to the Dunhill Links pin positions or the sort of maintenance pins that you turn up and just pay your green fee, middle of the green, easy, practice-round stuff, a couple of juicy ones out there today, and 15 was choice, front right. It was like 15 on, five from the right or something like that. Brutal, and I hit it to about three feet, two feet.

Q. The one at the last wasn't exactly --
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, but everybody knows where that pin is going to be. Yeah, some very good pin positions today. I think the best part of the day was just managing myself and not playing my way out of it.

Q. It must be tempting to say all the other guys -- now I'm facing this. Do you have to get into the right mindset, I guess?
PAUL CASEY: I mean, I just relish this golf course every time I get to play it. That's the beauty of it. You can play in any wind direction in almost any kind of elements, and there was a way around it. Guys were trying to go left of the Road Hole Bunker around the back. I like that. I mean, my body is just frozen stiff, didn't have the length to go down the left. I saw Rickie's tee shot was perfect down the left and --

Q. He had a 3-wood second shot?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I had 247 yards to the flag. I've never had 247 yards in there. I bailed -- yeah, I quit. I kind of -- I played for the front right. Yeah, so there were some opportunities to play this golf course in a way you don't often get to play it, which was wonderful today.

Q. Do you approach this course any differently than the last time you guys were here, in your game and in your confidence?
PAUL CASEY: No, not in -- no. No, that stays the same. That's the constant. The only thing that changes is what you're given for the day and then your way around it, which is the beauty. There's infinite ways around this place.

Q. A lot of that is dealing with the conditions when they come?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, without a doubt. The way we played this afternoon, I'm sure we played a lot of different shots and a lot of very different lines. I saw Dustin Johnson was almost pin high on 14 this morning. I mean, who can reach the fairway? Driver, 3-iron, 5-iron this afternoon. Dustin is a lot longer than I am, but still, that's a massive difference. With a bit of luck, it's not as bad as we think it's going to be tomorrow morning, and you can play this golf course in very strong winds and still make a number around there.

Q. It's supposed to be the afternoon with strong winds. One side is going to get rain --
PAUL CASEY: Biblical rains, is it? Great. I'm very happy. I need to go warm up, so as soon as you let me go, I'm going to go warm up. See you. Bye.
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