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July 7, 2015

Timea Bacsinszky


G. MUGURUZA/T. Bacsinszky
7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You were out on one of the two biggest courts today.  Tell us how that felt.  Secondly, Caroline Wozniacki yesterday said she felt the women do not play enough matches on the two big courts, too many men's games.  Do you agree?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  Well, I felt great out there.  It was a great atmosphere.
Well, I'm used to like playing on smaller courts, especially last year.  Obviously I was a qualifier in many tournaments.
But I had the chance to play on Court No.1 last year against Maria Sharapova in the second round.  I got slowly used to the atmosphere of bigger courts.
But, well, I saw yesterday's schedule.  We were kind of wondering also with my team.  It's not only for me, I don't care on which court I'm playing, but just they were on the two big courts four men's matches and only two women's.
I think there was more pace also to put more women's match on big courts.  But I understand that men's matches are longer.  Obviously it's a different sport, as well.
But, well, it's the truth of the tournament.  I don't complain about that.  It's just that we were wondering why this decision.  But I don't have the answer.
I'm not complaining about not playing enough on big courts.  I like to play on smaller courts, and I like to play on big courts, too.  It's part of the game to be able to adapt yourself to everything.

Q.  Despite today's result, this has been a big comeback for you.  Did you enjoy Wimbledon this year all in all?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  Yeah, well, I enjoyed it very much.  I mean, according to the fact that after the French Open, I had to pull out of two tournaments.  I didn't play any tournaments on grass.  I think it was just a right decision also to do that for my preparation for Wimbledon.
I wasn't expecting so much for myself.  I wasn't actually aiming for a quarterfinal or semifinal or whatever.  I was just waiting for myself to maybe win a first round.  Well, I got so far.
If I compare my last year's experience, how I reacted on court, on my second round against Maria, where everything was too much for me, and now I am where I am.
Today I stood up strong.  I tried to give my best.  Well, even if it didn't happen for me to get the win, I know I made just a huge improvement.  So I'm really glad about this Wimbledon.  I'm already looking forward to come back next year.

Q.  It was a match today of such small margins.  What do you think was the difference in the end?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  Uhm, I don't know the word in English.  In French I would say la reussite.  No, it's not luck.  She got some balls much better.
At the important moments she pushed me maybe more.  She was right to do it.  She didn't miss at this point.  She was really playing deep, especially in the second set.
I felt I was playing quite well.  I had different tactics.  I was trying to mix it up with all the tactics I had.  But, yeah, well, maybe some of my shots didn't go right in the corner where I wanted, but I know it was a really small gap between us.
I mean, obviously she's very happy about that.  Last time we played, even though it was a three‑setter, I felt that we were both playing not that well that we did today.  We were serving big.  We were going for our shots.  Maybe I missed some more than she did.
But I created myself some opportunities to be in front at some point.  Well, I didn't manage to make them.  But I had some, and it's already nice to know that I went so far.
Definitely next time I will try to, when I have an opportunity to get in, maybe take the break, to be me in front in this court.

Q.  Why do you think it didn't happen today when it has been happening for you so much?  You've had such a good winning record.  Do you think maybe there's been an element of some fatigue and tiredness?  Was there anything different today?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY:  Well, I also pulled out of those two tournaments on grass because I felt that tennis‑wise I was okay and I just needed to take time also for myself and for my mind.  That's why I think I went so far in this tournament.
But I know that yesterday's match took a lot of energy out of me.  I was kind of fighting with my old demons also yesterday on court.  To be able then to turn up a match like that, yeah, my energy level was maybe lower.  Maybe she had too dig less yesterday.
But, well, at the end, it's part of a Grand Slam.  I mean, I'm going to work in the future to be able, even if I lose a lot of energy in one day, to be able to raise my level more the next day.
But I think I'm just really on a great track.  All those wins of this year are showing us, my team, that we're really working on a good way, that we can hopefully still write some nice tennis history, not only for Switzerland, but, yeah, for us.

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