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July 5, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q. Just get some comments on your round today and then your week as a whole here at the Greenbrier.
BUBBA WATSON: I wish the week was better. I didn't make a lot of putts. Last week I made a lot of putts. I hit the ball really nicely, hit the driver really nicely. I think I hit it better this week than I did last week, just last week I made a lot more putts. And then these guys played unbelievable this week. They're still out there fighting for the win. But they played great. Today I was playing great and I tried to be a hero and hit driver on 13, trying to make another birdie, trying to get up that leaderboard. So I went with a goofy play, I guess, to try to make a birdie because I'm not playing for a top 10 or a top 20, I'm playing for a chance to have a win. Then made the double and then I got lucky and made the eagle on 16, so it worked out to a good day.

Q. What's it like going around here and hearing your name chanted all over the golf course?
BUBBA WATSON: It's good, you know.

Q. You're the hometown guy.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it's good. You know, if they're not, that means I'm not very good or people just don't like me, so it's always a good feeling to have support, energy, you know that people are pulling for you no matter how you play. People still pulled for me when I made the double, and then they obviously cheered for me when I made the eagle.

Q. How does this set you up for going across to St. Andrews?
BUBBA WATSON: I haven't played very good over there yet, so I look forward to the challenge. I've got a week off. I go from there straight to Canada, so two in a row, so hopefully I can hit the ball as good as I'm hitting it the last couple weeks.

Q. This is your best showing here, too. You wanted to do better.
BUBBA WATSON: Well, we're not done yet, so right now it's the best.

Q. Each year it keeps going lower and lower.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, you learn the golf course. The more you play any golf course, we get comfortable. We know certain situations. We've learned wind directions. We learn how much the mountain air makes the ball travel, so we're getting better with it. Now we just need to -- the three years I've been here I haven't putted as well as I would have liked to, so just got to improve on that.

Q. Seems like there have been three or four guys per week that come down the stretch, but for this tournament in its history it's been seven or eight. Does that make it more exciting for players coming down the stretch of this tournament?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, not for players. It makes it more exciting for the fans. But no, you'd rather have a 10-shot lead with a couple holes left. You know, so no, I mean, it shows that you've got a chance to win at any moment because there is scores out there. You know, like starting today earlier than the leaders means you could move up the leaderboard. You know, history has proven that, and it's proven that today. It proved that yesterday. So no, I mean, as a golfer, yes, you like that, that you can move up no matter where you are on the leaderboard. But no, you'd rather win by a bunch.
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