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June 28, 2015

Paul Casey


Q. Good playing?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, disappointing not to play 18 very well today, but I played a great round of golf. I really didn't think I had that much of a chance. I thought I had to do something special. I thought Bubba and those guys behind were just stretching it out and kept making birdies. Then when that eagle went in on 3, it kind of changed things. I thought it was a really tough golf course today. I'm proud of the way I played. Could have played a little bit better. There are always ifs and buts and buts and could haves. But the goal this week was to give myself a chance to win, and I did that. Now I'm just going to have to go to Greenbrier and try to do the same thing.

Q. Out of the sand, were you trying to go for it?
PAUL CASEY: It's sticky in there. It's very clay like with the rain, and the up slope didn't help. In regulation it was much easier because it was flat and I just got cute with it. So the error was the tee shot, but it's done now.

Q. How disappointing was this to come this close?
PAUL CASEY: They're always disappointing. I've won enough around the world to know what winning feels like, I also know what coming in second feels like. I've done that a lot. My little boy is right behind you, 20 yards away sucking his finger, so I look at him, and it kind of makes everything pale in comparison. So I'm disappointed for myself, but I've got a great life and a great family I'm about to go home to.

Q. Is it hard playing when you have all these people pulling for a guy like Bubba?
PAUL CASEY: There were a lot pulling for me as well. You know, I had people saying all sorts of things out there. It was just a great event. This is a wonderful event, and so brilliantly supported by everybody in the Hartford area, but obviously I think a few New Yorkers and a few Bostonians in there. What a great venue. Not being here before, and I thoroughly loved it.

Q. Do you like the noise? Does it bother you or is it great?
PAUL CASEY: No, it's great. Apart from the guy getting the umbrella down. Hey, it's a Travelers umbrella. This time it was getting in the way. No, I think that's fun. I really do. You wouldn't want that in all 72 holes. But when you're coming into a playoff situation like that, that's exactly what you'd expect. I've played Ryder Cups and big matches, and I love that side of it. I really enjoy it. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do this.

Q. You had a beautiful tee shot, what happened on the second?
PAUL CASEY: Right in between clubs. 7-iron would have never made it, and I'm trying to take maybe 10 yards off the 6-iron, which is a lot to take off a 6-iron, and I just made a poor swing. If we maybe had a really nice number there or the wind had -- there was no wind, I could have maybe busted a 7-iron to get back there. But it was just awkward. Maybe I should have hit it longer off the tee.

Q. On the eagle, what did you hit on that?
PAUL CASEY: 52° wedge. I'd have to check the yardage. I want to say it was 126, 128.

Q. Happy for Luke and for the other guys to get to St. Andrews?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, Luke isn't in a lot of majors or wasn't in. Yeah, wasn't in the U.S. Open, wasn't in this one until today or The Open. Good for him. Good playing. I thought it was a hell of a score. I don't know what he shot. I know he finished 12. 12? 11.

Q. He bogeyed 18?
PAUL CASEY: But I don't know what he started at. Anything better than a couple under today is a great round of golf out there.

Q. You touched on it being your first time here and enjoying it. Did you get a kick out of the 15, 16, 17, 18 experience?
PAUL CASEY: It's nice to have a dry -- I really like drivable par-4s. The greens are wonderful. 13 is a great par-5. You've just got some 4s, and I've lost my bearings. 7, a tough drive, good hole. There are so many out here. I've not played this golf course before. This may be the best TPC I've played.

Q. That bunker shot, was it similar to the one at 15, same kind of lie?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, they're both kind of sitting up too much. The one time you want something sitting down a little bit so you have a little bit of margin for error. But I'm not complaining. It's done. I could find a shot somewhere else in 72 holes, trust me.

Q. You fought so hard today. 5-under in the round.
PAUL CASEY: The round was great. It really was. I thought it was probably a tall order to have a chance at winning today. Actually those guys right behind us will probably just stretch it out and keep making birdies. I feel fortunate to have had a chance. I'm disappointed. Just couldn't get on the fairway on 18. I struggled on 18 today for some reason. But all in all it's been an absolutely great week. First time here. Thoroughly enjoyed it. This really is a great place, great crowds, great golf course. I think I'll be back in the future.

Q. You just mentioned how much you enjoy it. How much do you want to come back after the fun you had this week?
PAUL CASEY: Very much so. Andy Bessette just extended an invite. If I wanted to come back again he'd invite me back. So, yeah, maybe I've got some unfinished business, so maybe come back next year and try to get the win.

Q. I know that's not the result you were looking for, but what a valiant Sunday effort.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you. Yeah, I didn't think I'd have much of a chance. When I started the day I thought the guys were maybe too far ahead. That eagle on 3 got it kickstarted and changed the situation. I thought this was a difficult golf course today with the conditions out there. She actually played really long. She was difficult. The pins were obviously tucked, but guys seem to keep, the guys behind me seemed to keep making birdies and the guys in the leading group behind me didn't seem to stretch it out as much as I thought they would. The key was obviously to close with the birdies on 16 and 17, open the door. Bubba opened it a little bit more dropping one. Couldn't get it across the line, but still I've had an absolutely fantastic week.

Q. There were a couple of keys, obviously the hole out on 3, and that tee shot on 16, that thing nearly went in as well.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it should have done. I know, I'll confess, I aimed straight at it. I aimed straight at it, straight at 17 and hit great golf shots. No, I'm really proud of the way I played today. I came into this week fatigued from last week. Didn't know what to expect. I said to David, my caddie, I said the golf for the next two weeks here in Greenbrier, give myself an opportunity to win one of these events. I did that. I'm disappointed I didn't. We've got to go to Greenbrier now with kind of unfinished business and try to get that win next week.
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