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June 27, 2015

Michael Hoey


Q.  Thoughts on round three?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, just enjoyable.  Nice to be in the final group and great atmosphere.  Didn't play my best but putting good, so looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Scores suggest it wouldn't have been enjoyable with plenty of birdies and bogeys out there?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, but I'm putting good.  If I go out tomorrow and play well, I can still win, come second, whatever.  If I wasn't putting well and would have shot 1‑over today that would have been disappointing but I'm in good shape.

Q.  I must say, it's nice to see you so positive, because when it's a course like this and you, yourself, have shot a 65, you could feel depressed at 61?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, the greens were better yesterday morning.  A little bit of feet marks in the afternoon and that's always going to be the case on this course but obviously James Morrison is doing well.
If I get my bad round out of the way today, then go out tomorrow‑‑ I'm just trying to enjoy it.  I haven't been in many final groups since Black Mountain, so it's nice to be there.

Q.  Was it actually tougher this afternoon in terms of some of the pin positions?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah, they were tucked away.  It's the only defense the golf course has, and a little bit of wind towards the end and a little bit of rain.  Probably a little bit easier early on.  But yeah, I'm just enjoying the sunshine now.

Q.  Lovely place and nice to be in this position as you intimate?
MICHAEL HOEY:  No, I've never done well around here, so it's nice to go somewhere and actually contend when I've missed a few cuts.  Really changes your opinion of the place, and obviously BMW are incredibly well‑run tournaments.  Really enjoy these events.

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