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June 21, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q. 21 years old and you are halfway to a Grand Slam. That is an amazing accomplishment. Talk about that what that all looks like right now.
JORDAN SPIETH: It's hard right now. It's hard. I'm still amazed that I won, let alone that we weren't playing tomorrow. So for that turnaround right there, to watch that happen, I feel for Dustin, but I haven't been able to put anything in perspective yet.

Q. You come up to 18 in a tie. You know what you need to do. What coursed through your mind as strategy to get you back into the lead?
JORDAN SPIETH: I knew I needed to fade the ball off the tee and I struck it right on the middle of the face. That's the only way I could have kept it short of the second bunker. I said put it in the fairway, give yourself a chance. It got right up there on the upslope, I couldn't have placed it in a better spot. The next 3-wood, very, very pure. Any little bit of breeze up there held it up. For how undeserving maybe after I played 17, that break was on 18, for it to funnel down and then to stay up by a foot on that ledge, I just wanted to get a good putt. But with the right speed. I felt like that's what I did. It didn't turn enough. When I finished I was just hoping to be playing tomorrow.

Q. Were you thinking eagle? Were you thinking birdie? What were you thinking when you got to the hole and knowing what you needed to do to get to the hole and not having to play tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH: Walking up to the green, I was saying you got to be careful. But I felt like I needed eagle. I needed to eagle. I told myself you need to eagle to tie. Major champions don't leave these putts short. That's what I was telling myself. I hit a decent putt. I didn't leave it short. It got to the hole. It had die speed, which was the speed I wanted. I misread it by a smidge.

Q. How long will it take for you to get everything?
JORDAN SPIETH: Maybe a little later tonight. I think it will sink in a little quicker than the Masters did given that it's already happened but, boy, what a team effort. What a team effort the whole week. I didn't have my best stuff and we were able to get it done. Michael knew this course better than anybody playing this week and he made sure I was in the right spots without my best stuff and that's why I won.
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