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June 6, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Even par, right?

Q.  What's your reaction to the day?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Golf gods were not on my side today.

Q.  Tough to put it in perspective?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Exactly.  I missed my last eight greens on approach shots, and there's not a lot you can do with doing that out here.
I feel like I'm striking the ball fine of the I just got some really tough breaks.  Balls that were on good lines‑‑ we had three or four of them that were two feet into the first cut, and it was tough to judge the distance.  This thick rough grabs the club.  If it's in the fairway, you can spin it.  It was breaks like that where I didn't think I hit bad shots.
Hit them to the right spots for the most part today, which was an improvement on yesterday.  Just got really tough breaks, and it happens.  18 was just kind of a‑‑ 18, in one, encompassed the entire round.  Just drove it a little off, it wasn't in a bad spot, but hit a 7‑iron up in the air and my miss was going to be in the right bunker, because you can get it up and down out of there.  And it's plugged not even in an upslope, it's plugged on a side slope, downslope, deep to where it took a really, really good shot just to get it out of the sand.  And then I hit my first putt and misjudged it and then missed a putt inside ten feet.  That's pretty much my whole round in one hole.

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