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June 5, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Did 10 take anything out of you emotionally?  Was it hard to get over that one?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I don't think so, no.  Just started to get a little loose with the swing, just baled out on the tee shot on 11, and I missed the wedge there.
And to be honest, after that we got a really tough break there.  The wind was picking up about 20 miles an hour on the tee.  By the time we got to the green and finished the hole, it had died down.  So we caught that one heavy gust of that front coming through for a good five minutes, and after that‑‑ that's not the tee you want to be stuck on for that.

Q.  I don't know how much you pay attention to everyone else, but what was the difference in the flight and the punch of you and Justin?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Justin hit it behind the ball on his.  He hit it fat.  So I didn't take much off of how he hit his, I just saw that it really hit a gust and went up.
I hit a lot of club trying to punch it real easy and I caught it real low on the face and it kept it‑‑ not thin to where it would spin it, thin to where it was that low on the face to where it just kind of would shoot through it.  It was way too much club with that, but it shot through it.  So I only flew the pin by 25 yards.
But Justin hit his, started behind the ball and he kind of hit it a little fat.  And so it just got up in the air and got hit.  I didn't think much about his shot.

Q.  Gave you no help whatsoever?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Well, no, it certainly didn't help.

Q.  For someone that tends to make a lot of putts, that's got to be a pretty aggravating back nine?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, it was, especially on quick greens.  This is where I feel really comfortable.
I got mentally off.  I got very uncomfortable, didn't put good, solid strokes on it.  I was very tentative.  I was kind of peaking early and letting the blade stay open on a couple after the first few missed low.  And then I started missing them outside the right side of the hole the rest of the nine.  And then compounding mistakes.
That was about as good of golf I could play on one nine and about as bad of golf as I could play on the other given how many pars were with lob wedge in my hand or a reachable par 5.  So, yeah, I'm just going to go back and try and tighten up things on my swing.  They got a little loose in that wind.  And then go ahead and hit putts inside ten feet.

Q.  You talked about fixing your swing the middle of the round, what makes you go from comfortable to uncomfortable on the green and how do you fix that?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I don't know.  It's rare.  Normally I don't get off that easily.  This was, I think, just a fluke day, a fluke hour of golf, where No. 9‑‑ if I make that putt that hole is still really big.
And even with the mistakes on 10, I would be able to get it back by the putt on 12 or 13.
It normally doesn't happen like that.  It was just weird today.  I started to‑‑ when I'm working on my putting, right now is something really tricky to put into action in a tournament round because I was kind of hitting a little low on the face.  So I'm trying to get my weight more forward and to really compress the ball and get a good strike on it.  And that's something that's hard to trust when you have to take small strokes.  And it was working really well for the first 27 holes.
I putted surprisingly well given how it was last week.  So I just need to get back to what I was doing there which is simplifying the stroke and just being aggressive with it and not caring about a three‑footer coming back.

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