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June 4, 2015

Tiger Woods


Q.  Do you want to start off talking about the round?  You got off to kind of a rough start but then battled back?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I didn't play very good today at all.  I didn't have much with my game.  I need to work on it here a little bit.  But I fought hard, I fought hard to get back.  And to get it back on a golf course like that, it was pretty good work.

Q.  Must be killing you a little bit on the inside when you're hitting these‑‑ what do you do?
TIGER WOODS:  It's the pattern we work on, we're trying to change it.  It's kind of what you have to go through.  And unfortunately, I can hit it either way, because of this move we're working on.  But it's so much more flush, and so much more solid and a lot easier on my body, I seem to do it right.

Q.  What are you muttering to yourself as you walk off 18?
TIGER WOODS:  I just grinded.  I just grinded, that's all I did.  I didn't really have much.  I was just trying to stay committed to what we're working on, to what we're doing.  I hit it awful, yeah.  So what?  I was going to go through this phase and stick with it, keep sticking with it.  And some of the shots I hit were really, really good, but then I also had some really bad shots, too.  And we need to work on that, too and omit the bad ones.

Q.  Do you have difficulty bringing it from practice to the tournament now?  You looked pretty smooth yesterday.  Obviously it's a Pro Am and it doesn't count, yet it's such a difference, especially your driver?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, as I said, it's a little bit different move we're working on since the PLAYERS.  And I just need to‑‑ obviously this is nice to get out here and play and test it and see what it's like, and also to fight like I did and get myself back in the tournament.  But I need to do a little bit of work and keep progressing.  And I'll try and get it to peak at the right time.

Q.  Do you get first tee jitters?
TIGER WOODS:  Oh, I always get nervous.  That's great.  And the day I don't feel nervous on the first tee is the day I quit.  That means I don't care anymore.  I want to feel that juice on the first day.

Q.  As you go forward, have you considered playing a little bit more competitively?
TIGER WOODS:  I am.  Look at my schedule.

Q.  What will be coming?
TIGER WOODS:  A lot more.  There will be a lot more coming up.

Q.  Do you feel that's a part of the inconsistency?
TIGER WOODS:  There's no doubt about it.  But obviously I wasn't in a lot of these events.  And on top of that I had my Foundation event in Vegas.  Just the way the schedule worked out.
So now I'm able to start playing a little bit more.  I've got a full schedule coming up, which will be great.

Q.  How different is the swing we saw at Hero to now?  You seem like you're more over it?
TIGER WOODS:  No, it's different.  It's just different.

Q.  In what way?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm moving off it, yes, but it's just differently.

Q.  It looks different.
TIGER WOODS:  That's the whole idea.

Q.  Tiger, in the past you were really good at making changes in the round when you made a bad swing.  Can you still make that assessment out there and make the changes or are you still working through this?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm staying committed to what we're working on.  And I've gone through phases like this, rounds like this before in the past where, yeah, it's easy to revert back and go ahead and hit some old pattern, but it doesn't do you any good going forward.  And I've done it, sometimes it's taken me about a year and then it kicked in and I did pretty good after that.  And subsequent years went down the road, I did the same thing.
Got to suck it up.  If you believe in it, do it.  And eventually it will start turning, and when it turns, I've had periods where I've played good for four or five years, where I've won close to 20 tournaments in that stretch.

Q.  How do you feel physically and what's the biggest positive you take out of today?
TIGER WOODS:  Physically I feel good.  Mentally I feel beat up.  That grind is so hard.  To turn that round around like I did today, I mean‑‑ I bogeyed 17, doubled 18.  I rip it off 1.  And I shoot 3‑under par, and that was hard.

Q.  What happened on 18?
TIGER WOODS:  Same thing.  I can hit it either way.  I've got to fix it.  I'm going with it.  As I said, I'm committed to it.  And unfortunately it's part of the process.

Q.  What's the balance between your excitement and frustration right now?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm excited about the fact that, one, I stuck with it, I was committed to it and I turned that round around when it was as bad as it was.  Frustrated with the fact that I didn't hit it like I did either yesterday or warming up this morning.  And definitely need to go fix that.

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