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May 31, 2015

Jordan Spieth


JORDAN SPIETH:  This is in my fifth start here, my second best finish.  So, my best finish I was 16 so maybe I've stepped down from when I was 16 until now but pick it back up at some point.
Yeah, I mean it was a good two weeks.  Great Texas stretch this year.  Didn't get a win but so close a few times.  This course didn't play to me this week.
I like it firm and fast and when it's tricky in these run-off areas and got to play off this bermuda, that's advantageous to me and this week you could just tee it up.
So, I needed to make a lot of putts in order to play well this week and I didn't do so.  I haven't done so since I was an amateur, really, on this course.  Just can't really quite figure them out.
All in all, you know, really, really cool walking these fairways, walking up to the greens, seeing these huge galleries that were supporting.  Good to see a lot familiar faces as well and that I don't see anywhere else but here at the AT&T Byron Nelson. 

       This is a special week for me and lived up to it this year.  I improved from the last couple years as a professional.  I can continue to do so, maybe I'll have a chance to win one of these.
I drove the ball very well.  My irons were subpar, wedges were pretty good.  I didn't make anything.  I still feel comfortable over my putter, just misread a few and you start to question, start to doubt yourself after you few and miss a few more.
Next week Murfield greens are some of the fastest we play, they're similar to Augusta as we'll see.  So, I'm excited about that to get on some, you know, wicked fast greens, which these can be it's just tough with the conditions this week.
But, yeah, I like the state of my game and trending upwards going into the U.S. Open.

Q.  You talked about seeing more familiar faces.  Is that more comfortable, more pressure?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It's comfortable.  It's cool.  It's odd because a lots of the time I see my friends and family out here, I just want to go hang out with them and obviously I need to stay focused.
But it's definitely a comfortable feeling seeing people that I know and seeing them out here supporting me, it's really cool.  It doesn't go unnoticed even though sometimes I'll just walk right through the ropes and on to the next hole.
I tried to really soak in today.  I was getting frustrated this week just trying so hard which is what I've done in years past as well.  I don't know if that's going to stop in the future.  But I tried today to soak it in a little bit more.  I made a couple mistakes, but, all in all, really smiled a little more today, had a little better time.

Q.  Jordan, when do you start your U.S. Open prep?  Are you going to Chambers Bay the next couple weeks?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I'm not.  I'm playing Memorial and then I'll have a week off and I'm planning on going in the weekend before.  That's about it.
Michael will be out there the week off walking some holes and getting some numbers but he's seen the course a lot.  He's about as experienced as anybody that will be there.
My U.S. Open prep started -- these tournaments are U.S. Open prep.  Like to get into contention again next week.  Last week I did and made a mistake on 16 but brought it back.
So, the more you can get yourself into contention -- that's what I did before Augusta this year, I was two weeks in a row being able to be in the hunt, feel the heat and then I learned from that for Augusta.  I'd like to do the same next week.

Q.  The gallery of all your fans here, lot of kids here who are getting exposed to golf for the first time.  What is that feeling like knowing you are a role model?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It's really cool.  It's really cool.  It's kind of odd.  Each year I can kind of appreciate it more given I'm a little further from their age.
This is my third year on Tour now so I've seen it kind of grow I guess in the three years and that's really cool.  I was one of those kids out here with my dad coming out to this tournament for years and years and wanting to come out and play in front of these kinds of crowds.
That's what I try to tell myself today was soak it in.  This dream has come true for this tournament.  It's really a special tournament to me and to see these little kids and the ones with Under Armour gear on following every hole, getting in the walking path, sticking their hand out, it was really awesome and I tried to let them know that today as much as I could.

Q.  (Inaudible).
JORDAN SPIETH:  I do like having to play a few events before a Major at least playing the week before the.  The U.S. Open, I don't.  The British Open and the PGA, I do.
So, I don't think there's a certain way to do it.  I think that the best preparation is to get yourself into the condition that it's on.  I've been playing a lot this year.  I'm going to have a break coming up at some point.  It will be nice.  For now I'm not tired.  I'm ready to go.  Tough walk in this mud around here so rest and I will be ready to go by Murfield.

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