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May 31, 2015

Kelly Shon


Q.  So you stayed in it, gave yourself a chance.  Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do, I mean short of winning obviously?
KELLY SHON:  My main goal coming in to the round obviously would have been nice to win, but it was to fight hard, and I did do that.  I just had a hiccup there on 15, 16actually.  So minus those two holes, I think I played pretty good.

Q.  So you gotta feel pretty good about, though, being in the lead, being in the final group.  14 holes, you played very, very solid.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I was really proud of the way I handled myself out there.  I think even before, within those first 14 holes, I think I could have made a couple more.
But you know what, all in all pretty happy with the way I handled myself, and I got to learn a lot.  You know, playing with Anna, the champion, and then Morgan, just watching these guys play and how they handle themselves in the final three, I learned a lot today.

Q.  How big is it to get an experience like that early in your career?
KELLY SHON:  Oh, it means a ton.  I was nervous.  On the first hole, I don't think my hands have ever shaken that much on the first hole thinking about that.  So got it out of the way, and hopefully I can get better.

Q.  How much did you watch the leaderboard on the Back 9?
KELLY SHON:  Not much.  I figured, you know.  It's within my group.  Anna was playing well, Morgan was playing well for a stretch there.  So I didn't really need to look at the scoreboard.  I had a feel of how it was going.

Q.  Once you got those initial nerves out of the way, you felt like you handled everything pretty well with the cameras and everything following you around?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah.  I had a lot of fun out there.

Q.  You threw a wave at the camera, too?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, yeah.  Did you see that?

Q.  I didn't see that.  I was probably out watching.
KELLY SHON:  I was hoping that wasn't actually live.

Q.  Yeah.  No, it was.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, so after that tap‑in on the first hole my nerves really cooled down and it was kind of just playing golf from there.

Q.  Did you like the way you rebounded, too?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah.  Yeah.  To me, when I come back after a fall, that means a lot to me.  So yeah, I'm happy with it.

Q.  Is this pretty big, too, knowing that there's a reshuffle coming in another month or so?  Just had one, but also get the priority up going towards the end of the year?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah.  So I knew that I needed to play well in order for me to have a chance at playing in the British and those tournaments coming up.  So I really wanted to play well.
And you know, coming to this event knowing that, I felt pretty good about how I was playing.  I was pretty happy this week just from the get go.  I was feeling good.

Q.  Have you done U.S. Open qualifying yet, and if so, when?  You did it already?
KELLY SHON:  I did.  I missed it by a shot.

Q.  Oh.  Where was it?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah.  So if I had won this‑‑ yeah, I saw this as a chance as a second qualifier.
But you know, I was trying to‑‑ it's a final, and between trying to really win it and then trying to score well.

Q.  How many events do you have before the U.S. Women's Open?  You playing Manulife, KPMG?
KELLY SHON:  I'm playing all of those.

Q.  All of them?

Q.  So you got a couple more shots then?

Q.  All right.
KELLY SHON:  Hopefully I can carry this game on to the next events.

Q.  Fourth here, 11th at pure silk.  Does that tell you you made the right decision in not getting a real job?
KELLY SHON:  You know what, I'm happy with the decisions I've made.  Yes.

Q.  So you're enjoying your rookie year, though?

Q.  What's it been like being out here?
KELLY SHON:  This is as much fun as I've had ever playing golf.

Q.  I bet.
KELLY SHON:  Just because of the competition.  Like today, the thrill, the excitement, the ups and downs.  I don't know.  I'm glad I chose this path, for now.  We'll see.

Q.  Have you ever played in front of a crowd like that?  That crowd was huge following you on the Back 9.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, I think when I played with Michelle in Phoenix, it was pretty close, but this was more neutral.

Q.  Right.  Okay.
KELLY SHON:  (Laughs).  Yeah.

Q.  Perfect.  Thank you.

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