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May 30, 2015

Kelly Shon


Q.  A good finish there with a birdie on the final.  It had to feel pretty good.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, it was that, and then also on my 17th hole, the 8th hole, a pretty big clutch putt, and that really pumped me up and set me up for 18.

Q.  How long was the putt on there?
KELLY SHON:  My par putt on 17 was probably about 12 feet, 15 feet, left to right slider, center cup, so that felt good.  And then 18, like you said, it's a bonus.

Q.  Were you watching the scoreboards at all, leaderboards?
KELLY SHON:  A little bit, yeah.  A little bit.  I've been looking at where the leader was and not much else.

Q.  Do you use that stuff as motivation, or does it give you a little bit of a rise or are you just like, okay, you just want to know where you stand?
KELLY SHON:  Ideally, yeah.  Sometimes it gets to me subconsciously.

Q.  It sometimes gets in the way a little bit?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, but I've got to learn how to manage that.

Q.  Now, haven't been playing probably as well the past two events.  Been working on anything?  What's been going on?
KELLY SHON:  I actually got a great tip when I was down in Kingsmill.  I was starting to get bogged down with techniques, and someone just told me, go out there and play golf, and then I reflected back on my rounds when I had played with buddies back home just for matches and I had fun, so that's kind of what I thought about.

Q.  So a little less of the swing analysis and technicalities and just free‑‑

Q.  Obviously a local connection here with the college.  Your coaches are here?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, well, he's the men's team coach and then we have the women's team coach here, also.

Q.  Do you have any friends or family out?  This is a closer home game.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, I feel really close.  Unfortunately and kind of fortunately, the reunions are going on right now, so a lot of my friends are having fun there, but actually a big group of friends came out yesterday to cheer me on.

Q.  Nice.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, pretty much hung over, but it was good.  It was a good hour and a half trip.

Q.  That's a big deal for young kids to do that.
KELLY SHON:  And they lied to me about it, too.  They're like, oh, we're sorry we're going to miss you, and then they showed up when I was making the turn.

Q.  That's amazing.  How many were there do you think?
KELLY SHON:  Like eight or so, yeah.  It was good.  They were all wearing their orange.

Q.  Did they behave themselves or was it typical college kids?
KELLY SHON:  No, they were good.  They're former athletes, so they respect‑‑

Q.  They know their roles?

Q.  What other athletes were they?
KELLY SHON:  They're all basketball players.

Q.  All graduated or current?
KELLY SHON:  All graduated.

Q.  You said the reunions.  What is that, a party?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, huge.

Q.  So you're missing out?
KELLY SHON:  I am missing out.  Most of my classmates are there.

Q.  So it's kind of an alumni thing where people just go back and‑‑
KELLY SHON:  I feel silly like trying to explain it to other people that haven't experienced it, but it's huge.  There's like 100‑year olds partying with undergrads who are working the reunions, and it was a blast.  I've given up on trying to explain it to people because I just get way too excited talking about it, and they're like calm down.

Q.  So going into tomorrow, you're in contention.  Do you feel good, excited?
KELLY SHON:  I'm excited.

Q.  Nervous?
KELLY SHON:  I'm nervous, of course, but I'm excited, and just trying to have fun and trying to fight really hard, play hard.

Q.  Now, what are the coaches' names?
KELLY SHON:  Coach Will Green and Coach Erica DeSanty.  Do you want to talk to them?

Q.  I might ask them a couple questions.  Thoughts for tomorrow, just what was working for you the past two days that you want to stick to.
KELLY SHON:  Stay patient.
Q.  That's what everybody says here.
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, especially because of the wind.  You can hit the perfect shot and it just does not turn out the way you want.  Stay patient and fight hard.

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