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May 28, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  How do you characterize today?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  Tough to play on today.  I missed them all on the high side.  I'm not going to look into it.  I feel good with the putter in my hands.  Maybe not quite matching the line and speed.  Not a whole lot you can do with only two birdies on the round.

Q.  What's the outlook trying to go out in the morning tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH:  The greens will be fresh.  Obviously they were soft and so much traffic, putts weren't breaking as much.  A little quicker tomorrow and more pure and just get out there and try and make a couple birdies at the beginning, see if we can't get some more to go in.  I only made one mistake today and other than that it was a faultless round.

Q.  Obviously played at nearby Fort Worth, your first time back in the home town as the Masters champ.
What was the atmosphere out there?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Really cool from the first hole on.  Off to a nice day.  Hit two good shots in there and made a putt.  Everything kind of feels like it did last week.  Just a golf course that may not fit my game as well.
Doesn't mean I can't play it as well.  I just -- I'm struggling getting the ball close to the hole.  I'm struggling to hitting it high in these crosswinds because you're unsure if it's going to fly the green or land short.  It's so tricky on determining that.  That's where the course is so hard.  So I didn't have that many looks and when I started to have them at the end just missed them on the high side.
So, all in all, you know, I only made one bogey and really was a stress-free round other than that one missed 6-footer.  I just didn't capitalize on enough opportunities.  You can't make two birdies out here and expect to do anything with it.

Q.  I wonder what makes you say that this course doesn't fit your style of play.  What is it about this course?
JORDAN SPIETH:  These crosswinds.  I have a hard time trusting a high ball -- I typically play a ball low.  You can try and punch them out here but it's hard to get to these back pins.  We had a lot of tricky pins today and some of these bunkers I can't fly and I just find myself playing better on courses where you have to maneuver different ball flights.
Here you can kind of launch it up in the air and far.  I didn't give myself enough looks inside of 15 feet today.  That's the only reason I'm at 1 and not better because I felt comfortable driving the ball and striking it.

Q.  14 is really a tough hole today.  Can you talk about that hole and how that went for you?
JORDAN SPIETH:  14 is a tough hole.  I hit a good drive down the right side.  I had overdrawn almost everything the whole day.  It wasn't far off.
I hit that drive and actually came out relatively straight but the only thing you have to avoid is that one tiny tree over there and you're just fine even if it's in the right rough.  It just wedged up against it to where as a right-hander I had no swing.

Just a bad break.  I don't know where it landed.  Maybe pitched to the left after it hit but if that's a foot further back, a foot further forward or foot to the right I'm just fine and I'm hitting a wedge into the green.  Otherwise, I had to punch out and leads to a bogey.

Q.  Jordan, I apologize if you answered this question, this is your home course coming off the Masters and a great finish at the Colonial.  The crowds were the thickest I've ever seen them.
JORDAN SPIETH:  It was great.  This isn't my home course.  It's nice to be back in my home town.  Crowds were phenomenal as they always are here especially given the wet conditions where they're walking.
So, it was nice.  We got lucky with the weather.  The course started to dry up a bit and everyone is going to like that if it continues to be that way.
So, look forward to the same the rest of the week.  Good opportunity playing with two of my good buddies out here in the home town.
So, all in all, couldn't ask for a better day.  Just would have liked to see a few more go.

Q.  Seems like the morning wave had a little more success than the afternoon.
JORDAN SPIETH:  The greens.  I would imagine just be the greens.  I would think they were a lot easier to putt on in the morning.  We're going to have to see tomorrow if that's the case or if it was just they played better.

Q.  How much different was the feeling today versus your days as a teenager here?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Actually quite a bit different, yeah.  It feels different when I tee off nows versus when I was out here then.  I had a little adrenaline that first hole just because I'm back home and I love this event so much.  Then it kind of died down and was just a normal round after that.
When I was a teenager that adrenaline stayed with me the entire way and kind of hard to hit certain shots and trust certain shots.  Now I can feel like I can trust just about anything.  You know, just another event.
So, obviously off the course I prepare hard for this and would like to play well here and get in contention but when I'm inside the ropes it's just another week and back then it was the biggest tournament I ever played in.

Q.  How fun is it to play with guys like that?  You seem loose.
JORDAN SPIETH:  I don't think I've played with -- I don't think I've been paired with Justin since college.  That was cool in a tournament round to kind of see how we both changed or didn't change with the way we react to stuff and the way we play.
I'm still trying to figure out how he hits it so far.  I think he's gotten even longer.
When I saw the pairing, I was extremely excited, obviously, and I'm sure us three will all play together a lot in the future.  Talking with Michael, it would really be cool for us three to be on the same Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup teams in the future.  Kind of a cool pairing in that.

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