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May 28, 2015

Michael Hoey


MICHAEL HOEY:¬† Yeah, pretty solid.¬† It was tough.¬† I think we've all said‑‑ this is the first time I've been here, the first time I've ever (indiscernible) on Tuesday.¬† Particularly the front nine looked very daunting.¬† I'm happy to break par.¬† We've had three or four showers in the last three days.¬† It wasn't the typical links sort of days.¬† So yeah, managed to break par.

Q.  Presumably it would be tough regardless of the weather, but you've had something of everything to deal with.
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah.  So I mean the forecast was always a bit mixed today, but that's what you get when you're by the sea.  I mean one hole we were walking down the edge of the coast there and the sea looked good enough to go in, and then five minutes later it really didn't.
But yeah, it's part and parcel of links golf.¬† Had a few 2‑irons, had 2‑iron in the bag and really hoping‑‑ it's tough.¬† Every shot is difficult.

Q.  It's a quality, quality course.  What's the game plan around here?  Just get it in play?
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† Yeah.¬† Yeah.¬† A lot of 2‑irons off the tee.¬† Yeah, a few drivers off the tee, on 5 and 9.¬† They're very, very difficult holes.¬† I played them well with driver.¬† You gotta hit driver. ¬†You can't hit 2‑iron.¬† It's 2‑iron, driver.¬† It's just too long.
But a couple of chances, like the first down wind drive, 5‑iron.¬† But you still gotta hit a good tee shot.¬† And then I suppose that's birdie chance.¬† And then 18 and 6.¬† There's not that many really.

Q.  You have to play your own game?
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† No, just on 9 because there was a wait on the tee box and everyone was going in the bunker left, and it was a brutal hole, and I just overthought it really and just hit 8‑iron solid at the right.¬† Made a pretty legsy swing.¬† That's my bad swing is a legsy one.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
MICHAEL HOEY:  Yeah.  That was in the spectators.  I was actually in there and I pushed it.
But could have hit it further left.  The greens aren't as firm and soft with the rain.  We just have to hit a good shot.  It's not crazy.

Q.  At the end of the day what do you think your level par is going to be?
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† I think it was 15.¬† So maybe 20th.¬† I don't know.¬† That doesn't‑‑ it doesn't matter if 1‑under, 2‑under your level because you can't win it.¬† You can only lose on day one, and I haven't lost it.¬† That's the main thing.

Q.  Are you looking to get your (indiscernible)?
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† Yeah, yeah.¬† (Indiscernible).¬† Just trying to be positive.¬† Starting to swing it good.¬† So have to not dwell on too much.¬† Just hopefully get some results this week and a bit of money up and then Germany, French, Scottish.¬† Playing next week is a big run of money.¬† So if I play well, it takes care of itself.¬† As soon as you start thinking about it making the cut‑‑

Q.  You won an amateur Irish Open?
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† Oh, yeah.¬† For sure.¬† I was enjoying it.¬† The most I've enjoyed a round of golf this year apart from maybe first round Thailand at 8‑iron.¬† But that was the most I enjoyed the amateur golf this year.

Q.  You have downhill links.
MICHAEL HOEY:¬† Yeah.¬† It was just enjoyable today.¬† Not getting into the scoring.¬† When you're playing well, you don't get into your score.¬† You just get into good shots.¬† And when you're not playing well, you get really into your score.¬† It's a tendency.¬† When you're playing good, I'm actually three or four‑‑ you know, that's golf.¬† Just enjoyed it.¬† Just try and make good swings and enjoy it really.

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