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May 26, 2015

Lauren Kim

Mariah Stackhouse

Anne Walker


RICK NIXON:  We are joined in the media interview room by Stanford student‑athletes Mariah Stackhouse and Lauren Kim and head coach Anne Walker.  Anne, just a couple quick comments about going to play for the national championship tomorrow.
ANNE WALKER:  Yeah, we're excited.  I think that really sums up everything.  We're just looking forward to it.  We're excited for it.  We've done a great job of staying in the present and tomorrow we'll come out and stay the same way.
RICK NIXON:  Lauren, your thoughts on the match today against Southern Cal, your thoughts on being able to survive and advance to tomorrow?
LAUREN KIM:  I think it's obviously just staying in the present and focusing on every shot.  It makes you not think about how tired you are when you're focused on making a good shot every single stroke, and I think that's what helped me just kind of get through the two rounds.  It's a really long day, and I have blisters on my feet, but yeah, just focusing on making good shots and making putts and just one after the other, staying in the moment kind of helped me.
RICK NIXON:  Mariah, a little bit about the full day you had today and then playing tomorrow?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  I think we knew coming into today, a potential 36 holes, it would be a really long day and we'd have to stay in the grind and focus.  All of us went out this morning with the intention to play as well as we can and the goal was to be in this semifinals match and have an opportunity to play in the final match.  We went out and played this morning and like Lauren said it helps you stay focused.  I can say for myself I definitely got pretty tired during the second match, but that's the great part about being part of a team.  My girls had my back, and that's all that matters, and we're playing in that championship match, and there you go.

Q.  Would you say they're playing the best golf at the most important weeks of their life?
ANNE WALKER:  Well, we already talked.  We're not going to do anything different.  We've had a really great plan, a great game plan for this golf course.  We've stuck to it for six rounds, and I guess five rounds we stuck to it with great success and when we got away from it and we paid the price.  We have that experience, we have it under our belt and we know if we stick with our plan, that's the best we can do.

Q.  Is it emotionally draining at all, the ups and the downs, the ebbs, the flows, especially in a 36‑hole day?
ANNE WALKER:  Yeah, today was a long day.  We were fortunate that I would say for the most part we were in control of the USC match this afternoon.  And so it was a little less ebb and flow this morning with Arizona.  It was definitely draining.  It was nail biting right to the very last putt.  So yeah, sure, I think all my girls are very tired and ready to get home and rest up and prepare for tomorrow.

Q.  What is the most difficult thing of today, just staying hydrated, staying out of the sun?  What are the two or three most difficult things of such a long day?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:  I would definitely say when you're playing a 36‑hole match the hardest part is that's a lot of golf straight where every shot matters, so definitely the biggest part is making sure that you're hydrated, you're fed, so those type of things aren't taking away from the energy and the power that you can bring to the golf course, and your focus.  So by the time you start the second 36, and adding to the fact that we're in Florida and there's humidity, there's such a high percentage of humidity, that definitely takes a toll on you, too.  We've talked about it, and it's definitely just like staying in there and most importantly playing for your team because we all want this really badly, and so everything that you do is important because in the end it's our biggest goal, so we want to make sure that we're there for each other.

Q.  How do you control yourself, how do you control the excitement?  You're tired and it's such a big day, so much in front of you.  How do you control that and just stay in the present?
ANNE WALKER:  I've been speaking to the girls about keeping it exactly the same as it's been every day.  We've had so much golf and this is a marathon out here and it's a lot of golf left.  18 holes is a lot of golf.  In regular 54‑hole events, we play 18 holes in a day and a lot happens.  So that's this comes into.  We're not even close to the finish line, and we're looking at it just the same as we have every other day and it will sober them up pretty quickly.
LAUREN KIM:  I think also looking at it kind of as a survival mode, and when you're out there just trying to survive the heat you're not really thinking about anything else but just making a good shot, walking to your ball and moving on, especially in a 36‑hole day.  So we're excited, yes, but I think also trying to ice our feet and get to bed early and do all the right things so we can actually survive the next 18 holes.

Q.  Another chance to be on a national stage with Golf Channel tomorrow.  As a coach what's a pairing that stands out to you that you think will be an exciting one for fans to keep an eye on tomorrow?
ANNE WALKER:  Gosh, I think if I was to predict that I'd be crazy because what the last 36 holes have shown, the matches you think are going to be the no‑brainers are the ones that turn into the nail‑biters, so I'm not even going to try and predict.  I think tomorrow they're all going to be very close matches that'll come down to the wire.

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