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May 7, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q. It was tough getting out of the gates; could you ever get anything going?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, really tough ball striking day. Just couldn't find anything really since I have gotten here on Monday. I mentioned it in the press conference that I was struggling hitting the ball this week, that I was looking for something in my alignment, just didn't quite trust it today until I was already too far behind the 8-ball. So, yeah, just a really, really poor day. I've got to find something to work on. Sometimes when you're hitting it really well, you just get tough breaks and you have a bad day. This wasn't one of those. I actually really need to find something on the range. Just hasn't been good ball striking this week, and if I didn't putt well today, it could have gone up there towards that 8 number, so I really saved my round in the middle of it there.

Q. Were you expecting bad things to happen? Did you ever reach a point where you were expecting bad things to happen?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think so. Really it was unbelievable, some of the breaks today. Rory had a couple bad ones himself, but 11 was really tough and I had a couple others where I hit putts I thought were really good and then they just lipped out, and sometimes those lip in for me. It's just one of those days where I started maybe looking into it a little too much rather than just accepting it and going forward and it just happens every once in awhile and I'll get over it. I'm fortunate we have a lot of time before we tee off in this next round versus a quick turnaround. So just going to have to find some answers.

Q. Not to get too technical, but what is it in your alignment?
JORDAN SPIETH: When I got here I put a stick down after I wasn't hitting it well on the range and figured out I was 20 yards lined up too far right with my lower body, and then I was too far left with my shoulders. And it's something I've been working on to try and square my shoulders up, but my lower body was so significantly off that once -- I'm feeling like I'm dead open hitting the golf ball and it's tough. I'm not finding the bottom, I'm not finding the ground so I'm hitting a lot of long irons fat and then overdoing it and hitting some thin heel shots, as well. So, it's not going to be major; it's not like I've taken a ton of time off since I've been playing really well. I haven't. It's nothing major, it's just -- what it is, it's a level of trust out there. And it's tough with this golf course. It's not an easy course, and when there's a lot of water in play, it's difficult to trust. You've got to really be on your game.

Q. Can you talk about the fourth hole, how frustrating it was on the whole day and just generally your general comments about how you enjoyed playing with Rory on a day when you were not playing like you wanted?
JORDAN SPIETH: The fourth hole, I didn't simplify it. It's just a hybrid and a pitching wedge to a gettable pin. I tried to hit 3-wood because I was upset at 3 and thought I had something going there after No. 2 and I just tried to force it. It's just a mistake I make a little too often. When you're not swinging well, that's not a good time to force it. I should have simplified it. Made bogey; I was fortunate to make bogey, actually made a really good four- or five-footer there for bogey. And your second question, yeah, I mean, certainly enjoy playing with both those guys, Jason and Rory. They're very positive guys. I don't like playing first on every approach shot, but that's why maybe I started to hit driver more often than I should have. But yeah, two great guys to play with. We had a good time chatting. They played really solid golf and it showed that -- and even they didn't have their best stuff, and they still shot 2- and 3-under. So there's a low round out there. I just need to be able to hit enough greens to make something work.
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