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May 2, 2015

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  You know, it was tough.  It got so cold out there.  You know, it could have gone either way.  I feel like I'd been let off the hook there on 16.  But I did give Rory‑‑ opened the door and let him back in on 17 after making an error or two out there.
It has been a great match.  It really has.  It's nice we get to get a fresh course in the morning.  We couldn't have played anymore.  We looked at each other on 16, and all I could see was Rory's teeth.  It was time to call it a night.  Maltby wanted to get in any way and have a beer.  That was it.  Done for the night.

Q.  Talk about the putts on 18 and then again on 15.  Just left it on the throat?
PAUL CASEY:  I found this course difficult all week to read the greens and the speed I've struggled with, I found them a little slow.  18 in regulation was a good try, just if anything it just didn't break right the way I thought it would.
And then 15, great opportunity after Rory hit a wonderful putt from the back of the green.  It was getting pretty dark at that stage.  It was a great putt he hit.  It was right in the jaws.  I knew the line from earlier in the day.  And it just looked quick.  And the moisture that you get here in the Bay and obviously the cold, they're just not as quick as they looked.  I was a little cautious on it and left it half an inch short.

Q.  This old match with Camilo where it went extra holes.
PAUL CASEY:  I want to say it was like quarterfinals or something like that.  It was important.  I don't remember.  You'd have to take me through the exact details, but he missed a really short putt on whatever hole it was, which kept the match alive, I want to say, with a few holes to go.  Maybe I'm getting that confused.
But when we returned in the morning, he hit a poor drive and hit it in the desert and I ended up winning it.  I'm not sure that has any relation to what we're doing tomorrow.  That's a ten‑year link you just pulled out there.

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