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May 2, 2015

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  We both looked at each other on the last and said we'll try one more.  That's it.  We looked at each other, I think it was a unanimous decision between each other that was it for today.

Q.  What time in the morning?
PAUL CASEY:  6:45 on the first tee.

Q.  Did you have to kind of regroup there?  Did you believe Rory was going to make that last putt?
PAUL CASEY:  Which one?

Q.  That last one, right here on this green?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I dodged a couple of bullets.  But I also felt like I gave him one, too.  So, yeah.  I'm glad we're teeing off tomorrow, simple as that.  I was standing here on this green I thought I was done for the day and done for the week.  But the beautiful thing is we get to hit the reset button tomorrow at 6:45 and start again.

Q.  Did you want to go tomorrow?
PAUL CASEY:  Happy hour is coming to a close.

Q.  You're telling me?
PAUL CASEY:  We looked‑‑ it was a unanimous decision.  We looked at each other on the previous green on 15.  We said, one more?  We said, yeah.  No, it really is dark out here.  Whatever your cameras are showing, it is really dark.

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