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May 2, 2015

Paul Casey


Q.  Big smile.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I missed this event.  I haven't played it for a few years.  We grew up playing match play.  I was a Surrey lad.  We played County golf, it felt like almost every weekend; foursomes in the morning, singles in the afternoon.  And I've got no idea whether that's got any effect on how I play now, but it can't have hurt.
Finally I feel like I've hit my stride this week.  Charl put up a great fight.  I got up on him and he came back at me in the end.  It was enjoyable.  Another great match.  And it feels like I'm playing some great stuff and that's probably what I'm going to need moving forward.

Q.  We're looking forward to a great match this afternoon.  You've got McIlroy waiting for you out there.
PAUL CASEY:  It doesn't get any tougher.

Q.  That's true.
PAUL CASEY:  Unless you've got Spieth.  Luckily Westwood took care of that one.
You never know, do you?  I've never played Rory head‑to‑head in match play.  You know, I feel like either one of us if we play well, we could have each other's number.  But you just don't know.  I need to play the golf I played today, this morning.  And it looked like he was up very, very quickly, strongly, this morning, against Hideki.  Maybe you need a little bit of luck.

Q.  He's probably looking at the way you're playing, as well.  We're looking for a great match.  Best of luck.
PAUL CASEY:  Cheers.

Q.  Certainly a plus to be 4‑up in match play competition, you needed almost every one of those.  You knew Charl was capable of making a run, and he did.
PAUL CASEY:  He did.  I was kicking myself on that drive on 14, because I thought I stuck it right in the middle of the fairway, I knew I had to keep making birdies, because he did exactly what I thought he was going to do, which was birdie 14 and 15.  And maybe he should have birdied 16, as well.  He let me off the hook I think on 17 there.
But finally I played some really good golf this week.  Made some birdies out there.  It felt strong.  And I think I'm going to need to feel that and continue to play that kind of golf moving forward, because the matches are only going to get tougher.

Q.  Because of injury you haven't played in this event the last couple of years.  But match play is right in your form, isn't it?
PAUL CASEY:  I do like it.  I've got a pretty good history, a good record.  Never won this.  I'd dearly love to win this one.
But, yeah, I haven't lost that many matches.  I'm glad we moved from La Costa, because I could never get past the first round when we were there.  I'm not quite maybe on Poulter's level, but I'm not far behind.

Q.  You and Rory this afternoon, I'm looking forward to that.
PAUL CASEY:  I'm looking forward to that.

Q.  I get to watch that match.
PAUL CASEY:  Who gets the tickets to the fight?

Q.  He already gave it to me, and the use of his jet plane.  What a lad he is.

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