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May 2, 2015

Angela Stanford


Q. You made a lot of birdies early; talk about your day.
ANGELA STANFORD:  I hit it better today and got the putter back on track.

Q.  What would it mean for the breakthrough to come here, a win to come here in your hometown?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I think it would be a lot of fun.  You know, I think any time you can win in front of family and friends, it's going to be fun.

Q.  How important is it for you to play well this year, a Solheim Cup year?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Very important.  I think as American players you want to play on the Solheim Cup, and you want to represent your country, and I sure want to play for Juli, so I'd love to make the team.

Q.  Is it pretty cool to see her up on the leaderboard but her up there, as well?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Yeah, any time Juli is up on top of the leaderboard, it's fun.  She's done so much for this Tour for so long and golf in general that you always root for her.

Q.  It seems like this is really setting up to be a Shootout.  There's a lot of scores available out there and conditions.  What are you expecting going into tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I don't know.  Any time there's that many people around the top, anything can happen.  Should be fun to watch.  I hear the wind may blow a little bit harder tomorrow, so I think that's good.  It adds another element to the day.

Q.  Do you normally like those kind of conditions?
ANGELA STANFORD:  People think I do.

Q.  That's why I asked.
ANGELA STANFORD:  It's not that I like it, it's just I know what to expect.  I know what my body does, I know how I usually react in wind.  A lot of times people just don't know how their body reacts.

Q.  Did conditions changed pretty much midway through your round?  Is that when the wind started picking up?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Well, if it blows hard, this place is drying out very well, it'll get really fast by the end of tomorrow if it kind of blows the way it's supposed to because that changes the conditions.

Q.  Does the mentality change heading into a final round?  Obviously one off the lead at the moment but a very bunched leaderboard.  Do you have to be more aggressive knowing that?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I don't know.  I really don't know.  I think it's an individual kind of deal.  Some people want to go at it and be aggressive, and I think I just have to kind of ease into the round and get settled in and just see what happens.

Q.  How much local support are you feeling out here?

Q.  Autograph lines super long for you?
ANGELA STANFORD:  It's a lot of fun.  It's been a fun week, but I told my friends, I'm kind of running on fumes.  I'm kind of tired.  But when you get out here and you kind of feel the energy from everybody, I feel like I've been running on adrenaline all week.  It's been good.

Q.  Do you get a lot of people, friends, probably going out to eat every night and stuff?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† No, I've just been trying to go home, but just talking to people and saying hi to everyone, that's not my normal week.¬† My normal week is I might have my parents there, I might have some friends there, but everybody here wants to‑‑

Q.  You're working, plain and simple.
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† That's the hard part because when they see you, they want to chat, and I'm like, you know‑‑ so that's the hard part.¬† But it's fun.¬† I wouldn't trade it for‑‑ any of it.

Q.  Karrie told us to just shoot her if she's still out here at Inkster's age.  Do you think you'll be?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† I don't know.¬† These kids are getting younger and younger.¬† I don't know.¬† Something tells me‑‑ Webby has the personality of Inkster.¬† They love to play the game.¬† They're competitive.¬† Inkster is the most competitive person I've ever met, and Webby is right behind her.¬† I wouldn't be surprised if Webby were still here.

Q.¬† Does it amaze you, obviously you see Lydia come up and you've got to think, this is crazy, this is not going to happen again, and then all of a sudden Brooke is leading back‑to‑back on the weekend.
ANGELA STANFORD:  That's the thing about golf.  She's obviously playing really good, and she's found that zone that people talk about.  That's the hard part about golf; the zone doesn't last forever.  She's found a hot streak, and good for her.  I hope she runs with it.  But she's playing great.

Q.  Karrie said that she thinks a big deal with the young players coming out and being ready to win is the fact that they're focusing on one sport now.  What are your thoughts on that?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† That's what I think it is.¬† You take people like Brittany Lincicome, Michelle Wie, Lexi, Lydia, now Henderson, they just‑‑ it's just so focused in one direction that they don't think about anything else, and they get better faster, I guess.¬† I don't agree with it.¬† I think kids should play it all.
But I think that's kind of why the longevity of their careers that you see across all the sports.  These kids are good, but you'd like to see them out here for 15, 20 years.

Q.  How long do you want to play?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I don't know.  I don't know.

Q.  Have you thought about it?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I don't know, I thought the Olympics would be it.  I thought I'd try to stretch and make the Olympics, but I don't know, I just think I still have the desire to work and get better.  That's why when I see Juli out here, I'm not surprised.  She just has this desire to work and get better, so she keeps playing.  Once I lose that desire, then I'll give it up.

Q.  She said yesterday that she's found some new distance in her golf swing.  Is that crazy, she's still working, still trying to find something?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† Somebody better check her clubs, huh.¬† You just never know.¬† You never know how your body is going to be at any age.¬† If she's healthy and strong, I mean‑‑

Q.  She says no way she'll be a playing captain, but she keeps playing like this, she's got to consider it at least, right?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I bet she won't consider it.  If anybody could do it, she could, but I don't think she will.

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