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May 1, 2015

Paul Casey


Q.  That match was kind of like your career.  You've been a little a little bit injured, a little bit down, you're 4 down in that match and come back and win it.  Really well played.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, Franky played some really good stuff.  Starting out I missed a couple of putts.  But he's such a gritty competitor.  He's got a good match play record, he's played in Ryder Cups.  It was always going to be a tough match.
Fortunately he gave me a couple in the back.¬† He really did.¬† He missed a couple of short putts.¬† And I also played better.¬† The best golf I played so far this week.¬† Three birdies ‑‑ is it two or three in a row?¬† So I'm happy with that.
And he did open the door, but at least I had the opportunity to close that door and shut down the match, the best I could on the last.  It's great to go through.  It would be frustrating to be 2 & 0 and not sure what's going to happen moving forward.  So it's great to get to the weekend.

Q.¬† There was a possibility of a three‑man playoff there, but you're in and through, and have Charley in the next round.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, Kirk won, then, already?

Q.¬† He eagled the last hole in order to beat Adam Scott.¬† If Molinari made the putt on 18 you would have been playing the 19th hole‑‑ he would also have to win the 19th.
You are through, my friend.
PAUL CASEY:  Thank you, buddy.  The matches don't get easier from here, they only get tougher.  It should be another great match.  I hope it warms up a bit.  I love this place, I just hope it warms up a bit.

Q.  Four down after 9, standing here as a victor, explain yourself.
PAUL CASEY:¬† He did give me one or two.¬† He missed a couple of short putts.¬† Certainly the three‑putt on 16 you don't normally see from Franky.¬† And another short missed putt on 17 opened the door for me to win the match.
But I also played some really good golf starting the back nine.  And I needed to.  I was very aware I needed some birdies to make something happen.  And finally this week I've done that.  I feel lucky to get through.

Q.  You haven't been in this championship since 2011.  How much have you missed it because we know you love it?
PAUL CASEY:  I love it, you're right.  I do love it.  I've missed a lot of events.  This one in particular, it does suit me, aggressive play.  I've had history, good history in match play events, World Match Play Championship with HSBC.  And played the Volvo many times, and Dove Mountain when we were there.  It was great fun a couple of times, I've loved it, as well as Ryder Cups.  It goes back to kind of the Surrey days of playing county stuff.  You never really forget it, once you learn how to play this format.  It's something we don't get to do a lot.  You're right, I didn't realize it's been that long, but happy to be back in it.

Q.  You were down by four at one point.  Talk about how you were able to come back, fight your way back to win that match?
PAUL CASEY:¬† I had to make some birdies quickly and I did that starting on 10.¬† If I hadn't I wouldn't be starting here right now, Francesco would be standing here right now.¬† I put the pressure on him for two or three back.¬† And then he opened the door up.¬† It's not often you see mistakes from Francesco.¬† The three‑putt on 16 and then a missed short putt on 17, effectively two three‑putts in a row, is what ultimately gave me the match.
It's been the best golf I've played this week.  And I need to probably keep it going.  I've got another tough match tomorrow.  Nice to be going if the right direction.

Q.  Heading into the weekend it's win and you move on or if you lose you're out.  Talk about your thoughts going into the weekend.
PAUL CASEY:¬† At least it's simple now.¬† There was a scenario with Kirk eagling the last one with Scott if I hadn't won this match we could have a three‑way playoff down the first.
Players are still wrapping their head around this format.  Now it's simple.  And it's all or nothing.  Which is, I think, easier to understand, I think.  Now the urgency will be very much upon us tomorrow morning.
And like I said, also the other thing is I've not played this golf course in the morning.  Not knowing tee times yet, I'm sure we'll find out in a minute.  Going from playing it sort of 2:20 a couple of times this week, three times including my Pro Am.  It's going to be a very difficult and different task out there.  The ball won't be flying very far if it's cold, maybe mist, fog, I don't know.  So maybe that bodes well, because not a lot of guys have played in the morning this week.  And maybe that unknown is a factor I can use to my advantage.

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