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April 30, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q.  Two days, two wins.  How well do you feel you've played over those two days?
BUBBA WATSON:  I feel I played pretty good.  Yesterday was more about not making a bunch of mistakes, making a bunch of pars.
Today I made a few more birdies.  Made one bogey on what was it, 14, I made one bad swing, I thought the wind was going to hold it, it didn't, cut a little too much.  So I really don't feel too bad.  I feel like I hit the ball really nicely.  I just took the mistakes out of it, so I played steady golf.

Q.  This golf course offers you the opportunity to hit your fade off the tee, which is your favorite shot.  Does it feel like a course that really suits you, therefore?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, off the tee.  It doesn't mean I'm going to hit my driver well.  But off the tee it sets up nicely for me.  It's very relaxed out there.  I see the shots, and just trying to keep it inside the trees, there.

Q.  Louis Oosthuizen tomorrow, a man that you beat in a playoff at the Masters in 2012.  You know all about how he can play.
BUBBA WATSON:  For sure.  He's going to hit a lot of fairways.  He can draw the ball nicely and cut the ball nicely, so the fairway is probably set up good for him.  Great iron player, and obviously a great putter, so it's going to be a test for me tomorrow.

Q.  Got down early, but you rallied, and once you got there you were able to hold off Keegan, how would you describe the match?
BUBBA WATSON:  I thought it was a solid match.  It was a good match.  I played steady.  I made one mistake on 14.  Made a bogey there.  But I played solid all day.  I was always in the hole.  Always putting pressure on him.  Made a couple of birdies early and a couple birdies on the back nine that kept putting me over the edge, just enough to put me over the edge, just enough to take the lead.

Q.  Playing Louis tomorrow.  Going back to 2012, the playoff in Augusta, does that bring back any memories?
BUBBA WATSON:  No.  We've all done a lot of things since then.  I've gained another child since then.  Maybe we'll talk about our kids little bit.
He's going to be a solid player.  He's going to hit the fairways, he's going to make a lot of good iron shots.  He can move the ball both ways off the tee, so the course sets up well for him.  And he can make the putts.
So it's going to be a tough match for me, and I'm got to do the same thing, I've got to keep the mistakes at bay and just play solid golf.

Q.  You haven't played the last two holes, is that any concern at all?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, I practiced them.  I played them a couple of times.  No concern, you know.  Hopefully I'm playing really good or playing really bad, since I never see them.
But roughly 240 off the tee on 17 and that's a par 5, where you're trying to stay out of the bunker.  It doesn't bother me at all that I haven't played them.

Q.  Any memories at all about the 2012 Masters you think will come up tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, the only thing for me I just hope the results are the same.  For him he probably wants to change it.
But it's so long ago.  He's not thinking about that.  I'm definitely not thinking about it.  A lot of things in our life have happened since then.

Q.  Does this thing tomorrow feel like a single elimination?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yes, because in our match I think whoever wins tomorrow passes.  Again, I don't know what he's doing with his match right now.  If he wins this match obviously the winner of me and him can move on.
So obviously the first two rounds are over with and now this is who moves on, whoever wins that match.  This is where it really begins.  This is where it's going to be the tough match.

Q.  Did you sense the last couple of days that things were just a little bit kind of low key around here?  It seemed that way, at least from a fan perspective, maybe.
BUBBA WATSON:  Maybe you should try to make three footers when they don't give them to you.  Exactly.  Then you'd think pressure, no low key.  I don't see it low key, I just see it as a different format.  We're all looking at a different format.  Normally we're looking at someone losing and going home.  I think this is better.  I think it's better for the game of golf and better for us, especially for guys traveling from Asia or Europe here to play.  It's better that you don't have to go home after 3‑under round and get beat or a 5‑under round and you get beat, you don't go home.  You stay here and you can still compete.

Q.  How do you decide when you're going to concede a putt?  Is there an ebb and flow to it?
BUBBA WATSON:  It all depends on where you are in the match.  What's going on in the match.  If I'm 3‑down with the back nine to play, he's putting everything out.  I'm trying to make him miss it.
If I'm 3‑up, he's probably going to make me putt it.  We play golf for a living.  We've got to be prepared to putt everything.  Greens like this that are grainy, so you're trying to‑‑ you're not trying, sorry, your greens that are grainy like this, they're very difficult to putt from three feet, three and a half feet.  So you make them putt them.  There's no‑‑ you're not trying to jinx anybody or make anybody mad.  You're just, if they make you putt it‑‑ that's how you've got to look at it.  Would they make me putt it?  Yeah, they would.  So that's how you've got to look at it.

Q.  What was your mindset on 14?
BUBBA WATSON:  On 14, yeah, I thought it was into the grain, you could tell by the darkness of it.  It was outside my putter length.  Me and you playing for a dollar, you're going to make me putt it, too.

Q.  Any similarity in playing Keegan today and Louis tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yes, they're both great players.  Think about it, I think because some of the people that have withdrawn and didn't come here, I think the worst is 69 in the world.  Pretty good.  You think about that.  Everybody is great.  The similarity‑‑ everybody can putt, everybody has won golf tournaments and everybody can play.

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