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April 30, 2015

Angela Stanford


Q.  How does it feel to have a really good round on this course?  I know how much you want to win here, and it can be tough.
ANGELA STANFORD:  Yeah, you know, I honestly think this is one of the best courses on our schedule, now that there's some grass on it.  You have to work it both ways, and the greens, they remind me of Shady Oaks.  There's a lot of subtleties to them, so it's nice to have a good round here.  I mean, it's a tough course.

Q.  Do you find that having played here a lot helps you in terms of like knowing the undulations of all the greens?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† I think so.¬† I mean, if anything it helps knowing what side of the fairways you want to be on to go into certain flags.¬† The more you see a course, the more‑‑ I wouldn't say comfortable, but you're just more aware of things.

Q.  What was working best for you out there today?
ANGELA STANFORD:  My putter.  My putter was hot today for some reason.  26 putts, so that was fun.  It's always fun to watch the ball go in the hole.

Q.  Did you make any changes or anything, or is it just a matter of it finally goes in?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I've been trying to do aim point a little bit more, so that's helping me with just my reads in general, and then I have been working on my stroke.  I've been working on it since last November.  It's nice to have days like that to make you believe in what you're doing.

Q.  I notice that you look at a hole while you're doing practice.  Have you ever considered doing looking at the hole as you putted.
ANGELA STANFORD:  No.  No, I could never do that.  I think for me, it's just a feel thing before I putt it.

Q.  You said you've been working on your stroke since last November.  What specifically?
ANGELA STANFORD:  I have a lot of movement in my hands and my wrists, and just trying to be more solid with my left hand and just keep my left wrist going down the line instead of letting my hands fall back and then come forward.  It changes the loft, so I'm really trying to keep it solid, or more solid on the left side.

Q.  Did you hear any cheers or anything from folks here in the area that know you?
ANGELA STANFORD:  That last putt was nice.  To do it on 18, I think people are slowly coming out today.  Thursday is always a light day because people are still working, but I have a good feeling about this weekend.  I think there will be a lot of people out.

Q.  Do you find there's a benefit to get to play in your home area?
ANGELA STANFORD:  Yeah, you know, I told my caddie, we've only been working together since the beginning of the year, and I said, it's probably good for you to see me like this because I'm nervous, and to be this nervous for this long into the round, he hasn't seen that yet.  There are some extra nerves playing at home, but it's a lot more comfortable, and it's a lot of fun.

Q.  Does it feel like a major to you?
ANGELA STANFORD:¬† It did in the first couple holes, and it is‑‑ in my mind it is for me, just because it is in my backyard, and people just‑‑ if you win all over the world, really they see you on TV, they don't get to see you in person.¬† My parents have never seen me win in person, professionally.¬† That would be fun, for them to see me win on the LPGA Tour.¬† Yeah, it would feel like a major.

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