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April 16, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q. ¬†Here with Jordan Spieth.¬† You have to go back to the WGC Cadillac Championship to find an over‑par round with Jordan.¬† That's just a compliment of how well you've been playing as of late.¬† I know you're disappointed.¬† What was missing out there today?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Well, I didn't drive the ball well, didn't particularly strike my irons well.¬† My chipping and putting wasn't there.¬† It was just an off‑day.
I knew I had a really good streak of under‑par rounds going before the day started.¬† Even if we started off a little rusty, I really wanted to shoot four under‑par rounds this week.¬† I'm a little disappointed there, but I've just got to come back tomorrow and make up for it.

Q.  Given the emotional toll it took on you to win the Masters and in fact, Monday and Tuesday you were talking to just about everybody in the New York, is your frustration level as high as it would normally would be after a round like this?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I don't think so, no.  But at the same time there's no excuses.  I stepped on the first tee after hitting balls and doing a little practice yesterday, at a course I'm familiar with.  So, yeah, I mean it's probably not quite as high, just given I haven't played a whole lot of the course, so just adapting to do the first few holes and going from there.  I still should have shot really under.

Q.  Is physical fatigue an issue with you?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† My legs are a little tired, but all in all that happens.¬† I played four‑week stretches I feel that, and it normally doesn't affect anything.¬† So it was just an off‑day.¬† Kuchar is older than me, and he's at the end of a four‑week stretch.¬† And he kicked my butt today, so I've got some work to do.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Not ideal, but no excuses, I just didn't have it today.¬† It was just an off‑day for me.¬† And I've got to play well tomorrow to be able to play the weekend here, and it's something I certainly want to do.

Q.  How was it to get back inside the ropes after the past couple of days?
JORDAN SPIETH:  It felt good.  It felt good to get back in the ropes.  It was almost a sigh of relief with the craziness of the last few days.  It was nice to play with a couple of guys I'm comfortable playing with, a couple of great guys in Patrick and Matt.  And we had a good time out there.  I just would like to have maybe struck the ball a little better and made a couple of birdies.  I have one birdie and it really wasn't playing that hard.  That wasn't what I was looking for.  But it did feel good to get back in the ropes.
And the ovation out here was fantastic.  The fans at Hilton Head are awesome.  It was just an interesting scenario because I was upset about missing the green, and then there was a standing ovation walking up the green.  It's like, "Thank you.  I just hit a terrible shot, thanks."  So it was kind of tough to find the balance there, but we had a good time.

Q.  I talked to Coach Fields yesterday, and he talked about when you asked to come back to Texas after that one semester.  He said you've got to play in every event and you've got to get good grades.  And you did that.  And then you committed to play here.  Talk about, is there any commitment or any promise that you've ever broken?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I mean, sure.  Nothing comes to mind.  But both of these were easy, both that you mentioned.  To go back to school, I wasn't ready.  I was obviously going back because I wanted to play with the team more and I missed it.  And it was nice to have those last four tournaments to go out on.  And obviously you have to get good grades or else you can't play.  So that was easy.
Coming here, it never crossed my mind not to.¬† I like this place a lot.¬† I knew that it may be tough having not played a hole.¬† It's tough to start when you're not prepared.¬† But there are no excuses; I should have shot a better round than I did today.¬† I didn't expect myself to shoot 6‑under or 8‑under in the first round, but I'm still riding enough momentum and playing well enough to shoot an under‑par round here.

Q.  How many A's did you get that semester?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I'm not sure.  A couple. 

Q.  Will it be easier tomorrow, getting this round out of the way tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I wasn't nervous at all, so I wasn't really trying to get a round out of the way.  But I think tomorrow will be easier, given the conditions.  It looks like there will be less wind.  It was tough today because you don't feel much on the ground, but there's a lot of wind right above the trees, so the ball gets up in the air and starts getting thrown.  And that's what is always a struggle on this course.
But I think tomorrow, got a good feeling about tomorrow.¬† Feel like I got some swings in, got in somewhat of a rhythm, and can at least go out and feel the shots.¬† It was just an off‑day and it happens.

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