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April 12, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q.  You had the shot of the tournament on 2 today.  Barely missing an albatross, double eagle.  Just take us through the hole, your tee shot and then the second shot to the green?
BUBBA WATSON:  The tee shot, the tees were up.  When I say up, they were up a couple yards.  So the wind wasn't into us.
So I hit a good tee shot.  I liked it off the tee.  Got down there, I was just in between a 6‑iron and 5‑iron.  I was waiting for this gust of wind.  So then we went with a 5‑iron and I hit it perfect.
I knew it would go to the center of the green and then it was just all about how the bounce was.  And it bounced perfectly and started rolling.  So I knew it was going to be good.  Obviously, you don't know how good from 220 something yards away, but obviously I could make eagle, it was close enough.

Q.  As it was rolling what was going through your stomach?  Did you think it had a chance?
BUBBA WATSON:  You always think it has a chance when it's rolling.  Then you see people a few feet away stand up and when you see people stand up, that means it's got to be close.
So, a few years ago in '12 when I won, in 2012, when I won, Louis Oosthuizen, he holed it out with a 4‑iron.  So we had those same thoughts, my caddie started laughing and he said, "Oh, man, I thought you were going to do the same thing he did in 2012."  So there's always those thoughts.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON:  Some things like that that have caused me to shoot the numbers I have.  Not that I was going to win, because there's a guy out there a couple guys out there playing really good, but I thought I would have a better chance of playing a better score than I had the last, this weekend.

Q.  We're a couple months away, do you know much about Chambers Bay?
BUBBA WATSON:  I played it twice.  Ryan Moore had a charity event out there.  So I played it twice.  That doesn't mean it's going to be the same conditions.
So I've seen it, but I haven't seen it in the setup that they have been talking about.

Q.  What did you think?
BUBBA WATSON:  I thought it was good.  Again, if they set it up firm and fast it's going to be a British Open.  Because there's no trees.  There's one tree and it's in the distance.

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