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April 11, 2015

Paul Casey


Q.  Kind of sum up the day, I guess.
PAUL CASEY:  74.  That's what scores are for.

Q.  What didn't work for you today?
PAUL CASEY:  Putter wasn't great today.  Greens got very crusty though.  It's good to see them drying out.
I just struggled with holing out today.  Plain and simple.  That's been great the first couple of days.  Eventually threw in a 3‑putt this week.  Took me until 16 to do it.
But, yeah, they were difficult.  There were some tricky pin locations, but we knew they were going to be that way.  And I've done a great job of managing the game this week and just a couple of loose ones and a couple of poor putts.  It's not difficult to shoot 74.

Q.  No, I was going to say, it can go either way pretty quickly, can't it, if you get on a bit of a roll one way or the other.
PAUL CASEY:  Exactly.  I didn't capitalize when I had opportunities and made a couple of errors probably when I didn't need to.  It's a fine line.  So, it is what it is.  Try and tear it up tomorrow.

Q.  I know you're disappointed.  What's your mindset tomorrow?  Just low, low, low, and then low?
PAUL CASEY:  Exactly.  My caddie said ‑‑ well his phrase I can't repeat, but basically just, yeah, pedal to the metal.  That would be a nice clean way of saying what he just said.

Q.  What about Phil's game today?  He seemed to find that extra gear.
PAUL CASEY:  He did.  We chatted, Phil and I have known each other for a long time, we're both Sun Devils, and we kind of said it at the beginning, come on, let's go make some birdies.  And it started off looking fairly good.
And then I kind of thought that ‑‑ and he was looking very good as well, he could have been a couple more, he really could have and maybe should have.  But I thought he played great.  I was disappointed the putt on 18 slid by.  It would have nice to see him maybe in the final group.

Q.  How important would it be for Phil to be in the final group?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, good for Phil.  But nothing is fazing Jordan, so I don't think it really matters at the end of the day.

Q.  He just seems to respond when there's a roar out there, if he gets in a little tough spot or something.
PAUL CASEY:  He's fairly bulletproof.

Q.  Do you think Phil would have a chance tomorrow?
PAUL CASEY:  Jordan's got to come backwards.  That's the only way.  And the only way anybody else has got a chance.

Q.  Justin just made that.  He might be in the final group.
PAUL CASEY:  I try not to look behind me.

Q.  I believe the term is keep the ball in front of you.
PAUL CASEY:  Correct.  Yeah.  I saw his score going up but I was too worried about mine.

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