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April 11, 2015

Tiger Woods


BILL MACATEE:  Tiger Woods.  Just walked in after the 68.  You really got off to a terrific start today with those three early birdies.  Did you feel like you had a good number in you‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  I did.  And I missed a couple shorties on 6 and 7, and I had my chances to make this a really special round today.  I had‑‑ man, I had it going there for a little bit.  And I made a stupidly good birdie at 13, and then a stupidly bad bogey at 14.
It all evens out.  If I made a couple more putts the score realistically should have been six or seven today.
BILL MACATEE:  It seems in watching you you're more comfortable every day, especially given the last 12 months and the long layoff.
TIGER WOODS:  That's usually what happens.  I'm starting to get my feels back, my distance control on my shots.  This is one of the hardest courses to come back on, because every shot is often on an uneven lie.  It's hard to replicate that at home, especially in Florida, where it's flat.  It's hard to get‑‑ just the subtle little things you have to be able to do off these uneven lies.  I'm starting to get a feel for it.
BILL MACATEE:  Will you come out with a number in mind, to get back on the top of the leaderboard?
TIGER WOODS:  I've got to go out early and do what I did a few years ago‑‑ I shot 30 or 31, whatever it was, when I was playing with Phil.  I'm going to have to do something like that and continue on the back nine, at least give myself a chance going in the back nine.
It's in Jordan's hands right now, he can run off and make three birdies coming in and put a substantial gap between himself and the rest of the field.  But you just never know.  That's the thing about this golf course.
And we don't know what the committee is going to do.  If they're going to give us some accessible, easy eagle pins or tuck them and make this golf course difficult.
BILL MACATEE:  You were a 21 year old leading the Masters, what is this 21 year old going through right now?
TIGER WOODS:  He's got a lot easier way of it than I had it.  I only had a three shot lead after two days going in the third round.  I played really good on that Saturday and shot 65.  He's just playing steady Eddy, that's all he has to do.  He's long enough and it's warm enough right now where the par 5s are all reachable, every one can be reached.  You handle the par 5s, stay away from bogeys, and miss the ball ‑‑ if you're going to miss it, miss it in the right spots and get it up and down.

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