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April 11, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q.  I know that generally you never talk about being out of it, but today obviously you got a long way to go in Sunday's round.  I'm just curious‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  You can say it.  I'm out of it.  But I got two of them, so I'll be able to sleep okay tonight.
But it's about preparation for next time, you know, whenever that is.  If I have a battle down the stretch at China next week, just preparing for that.
So, again, that's all it is.  It's about preparing for that next Major, maybe next year here.  After last year, I shot 74 on Saturday and still won.
So, it's about preparing.  You never know what situation you're going to have, what emotions you're going to have.  So you just always try to get better and prepare for the next time.

Q.  You had those two rounds in the 60s on the first two days last year, and then, like you said, the 74 on Saturday.  How did you reset from Saturday to Sunday to keep your self in the right frame of mind?
BUBBA WATSON:  You know you're playing well.  It's kind of like now.  It's trying to tell yourself you're playing good.  I shot under par both days.  Today, started off with a triple.  Some breaks here and there, couple putts here and there, but I shot a halfway decent round today.
But it's the same thing, it's just knowing you're playing good, you're at a Major Championship, and that you're going to have some balls that don't go your way.
That's the same thing I thought about this week and the same thing I thought about last Sunday, last year.

Q.  Where did you get the bad breaks on the triple?
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, I plugged it in the lip on the third shot.  So I had to chip backwards.  So that's it.
Then I missed the 6‑footer.  When you miss your 6‑footers around here, you're not going to do so well.  That's what I have been doing all week.  I haven't made all the putts I need to make.

Q.  Your third shot on No. 1, how far were you trying to carry the bunker?  You didn't have much room, obviously.
BUBBA WATSON:  I was just trying to hit it on the green.  It came out soft.  It's kind of an into the grain chip, so it came out a little soft.  I wouldn't say muddy, but the divot came pretty quick.  So I was just trying to fly it on the green and make a bogey and get out of there.  And it plugged right there on that lip.

Q.  Talk about bouncing back after that triple on 1.
BUBBA WATSON:  Again, like I said, you know you're playing well.  I think today I might have had four pars.  But that just shows how close I am.
I made a lot of birdies.
No. 2, I had a 4‑iron in there trying to play smart so I could make a birdie and that's what I did.
Made a good putt on 3.  So I know I'm going to have a short wedge in there.
Then hit a great 6‑iron on 4.
So, you know you're hitting the ball good, it's just about making the putts.  Look at every champion at every tournament that's ever been played, no matter if it's the Masters or not, they putt well.  And I missed my share of putts.  I think I had five 3‑putts, maybe.  Somewhere in that area.

Q.  A lighter quote.  Talk about where you keep your two replica trophies.
BUBBA WATSON:  They're in my trophy case.  I have a trophy case at the house.  By winning those, I could afford a trophy case.

Q.  What did you learn about Jordan in the final round a year ago?  Obviously he's positioned to ‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  Obviously he's a great player.  He's been playing on TOUR, I think his first PGA TOUR event as an amateur was, what?  16 years old.  So obviously he's a lot more of a veteran than we give him credit for.
He's played in a lot of big events.  He played college golf.  He's played on the PGA TOUR for many years now.
So, obviously, he's a great talent, solid, and he's been playing probably the best of all of us in the last six months or so.

Q.  What was the experience for you of sleeping on the 54 hole lead?
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, it's just the same for anybody.  You're nervous, you're trying not to think about it, you're trying to just focus on one shot at a time and get ready for that first tee shot.

Q.  General course question.  The back nine gets a lot of attention over the years.  Do you feel the front nine deserves that same attention for its difficulty?
BUBBA WATSON:  I think it does.  I think when you listen to coverage and different media outlets, they always talk about how tough the front nine is.

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