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April 9, 2015

Kevin Streelman


Q.  How did it go?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I played awesome today.  I don't think I had a par putt over three, four feet, really.
I left it in the right spots and made some nice birdies when I could and then just kind of had tap‑ins for the rest of the way around.  It was pretty stress‑free.  Good start to the tournament.

Q.  What do you think of the Par‑3 Contest winner's jinx?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I personally don't believe in it, but the way it went down yesterday was an absolute dream come true.  Both for Ethan and for myself.  Just honored to be a part of it.

Q.  How about Duke winning the National Championship?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  We're just privileged to have Coach K as our coach and it's just a classy program.

Q.  You follow it pretty close, don't you?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I do.  Once you go to school there, you're a fan for life.  So we're proud of them, we're proud of the team and the way the kids interview and the way they go to class and the way we graduate ‑‑ at least most of them ‑‑ and it's just a culture that we have there at Duke.

Q.  Your thoughts on the conditions or the course, especially the front nine.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, it's in impeccable shape.  It's the ultimate thinking man's golf course.  You have to have the right angle to get to certain pins.  You can't just hit fairways, you got to be the right side of fairways.  You have to miss in the right angle.  Every shot you think about out there.
So it makes it a ton of fun, because if you do the right stuff, you can make birdies; but if you don't, you'll struggle all day.

Q.  Do you feel like the wind picked up over the course of the day?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, definitely for us the last three holes we started to feel it.  Obviously, the greens are a bit firm and the fairways are running a little bit more.  Hope we don't get too much more rain.  It's really in prime shape.  But you can't control that.  It's shaping up to be a good week though.

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