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March 15, 2015

Nick Kyrgios


G. DIMITROV/N. Kyrgios
7‑6, 3‑6, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How much was the fall to do with the result?  Did that really throw you off when you served for it?
NICK KYRGIOS:  Definitely.  You know, I thought I was playing some decent tennis.  It was tough conditions out there.  It was hard to return.  I thought we both struggled a little bit.
But I just hung in and got the break.  I actually fell after the shot, so I felt I was a bit unlucky.  It obviously played a big part in me not serving out the match, because I had not really been broken before that.

Q.  What was your thought process as to whether or not to take the trainer or wave the trainer off after you fell?
NICK KYRGIOS:  Yeah, I thought I was just going to carry the momentum.  I didn't want to wait and get cold and take off my shoe and do that sort of stuff.  I thought it could have blown or anything like that, so I thought I'd just go out there and try and serve it out.

Q.  Took them a while to get out on the court anyway.

Q.  If he came out immediate, do you think you would have at least taken a look at it, or would you have waved it off?
NICK KYRGIOS:  Yeah.  If he came straightaway I probably would have had him have a look at it, but I didn't think that was a wrong decision there.

Q.  Did it start to feel better as a few points went on?
NICK KYRGIOS:  No.  It feels bad now.  Yeah, doesn't feel good.

Q.  How concerned are you?  I mean, are you going to stay off it for quite a while?  What are your thoughts at the moment?
NICK KYRGIOS:  I'm getting an MRI in aboutan hour.  I mean ultrasound.  Fingers crossed nothing too bad.

Q.  You said the conditions were tough out there.  Do you find it hard as a shot maker, flashy shot maker to, you know, put away points with the slower conditions?
NICK KYRGIOS:  I thought it was really bouncy today.  You know, I thought it wasn't slow at all.  I found it incredibly tough to return, and he obviously wasn't comfortable at all returning my serve, I thought.
We had some rallies out there.  It was some good shot making.  It was sort of bouncy, second serve returns, and just it was just tough conditions.  A bit windy at times.  That's what you've got to deal with.

Q.  It was a very entertaining and high‑quality match to watch.  While you were playing it, what did you think?  How much did you enjoy the match?
NICK KYRGIOS:  I thought the level was pretty ordinary.  I didn't think that I was playing that well.  I thought I was just hanging in ‑‑I was serving really well.  That's one thing I thought that kept me in the match.
He was serving well, but I thought we both struggled on returns big time.  I thought the level slowly increased throughout the match.  He's obviously a good enough player to take advantage of what happened deep in the third set.

Q.  You usually take less than 20 seconds to serve.  The rule is forcing the slow servers to adapt it.  Can you talk a little bit about it?
NICK KYRGIOS:  About me?

Q.  No, about the slow servers that take more than 20 seconds to serve.
NICK KYRGIOS:  Well, they break the rules, so I guess it's almost cheating, I guess.  I mean, you're supposed to serve within the time limit, and if you don't serve between it, I don't know.  I don't even know.

Q.  Up until that point you were saying that you thought it was an average kind of match.  Do you chalk that up more to conditions?  Why do you think it was not the best match?
NICK KYRGIOS:  I thought I played really well first round against Denis on that court.  Conditions are a bit easier.  I thought it was a bit ‑‑it just sat ‑‑ the ball sort of skidded through it more, but there was no wind and the heat wasn't there obviously.
I'm looking at the positives.  My second match back from my back injury, and to compete with a player like Grigor and have the chance to serve the match out, it wasn't too bad of a day.

Q.  What do you take away?  You just said coming back from the injury against a guy who is hovering around the top 10 and kind of have the match on your racquet.
NICK KYRGIOS:  Yeah, I think that's a positive, you know.  Haven't played much tennis at all.  I played two tournaments this year, and I'm going to take a lot of confidence out of that.
I don't think I played well from the back; didn't return well.  I still had the chance to win the match.  I'm going to take a lot of positives out of that.

Q.  How would you describe your style of play?  Very exciting player obviously.  In your words, how would you describe it?  Who are your influences?  Who are the guys that you grew up and liked their style and that you maybe emulated?
NICK KYRGIOS:  I didn't watch too much tennis growing up, but I sort of modeled myself around Tsonga:  big serve, big forehand, looking to dictate.  That's probably one person I model my game after a little bit.  I like to have fun out there.  I thought the crowd was enjoying the match today, so it was a success.

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