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March 14, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Conditions, everything, you had a hard golf course and gave it everything you got.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  After the start through about 6 holes I was telling Mike, we play some really solid golf we can get 2, 3.  Ended up being 3.  Had to scramble coming in.  I'll be a little more disciplined in picking my tight lines tomorrow afternoon.  Got maybe a little bit lazy.

Q.  It's sticky out there, the greens.  Really good chips out there, couldn't figure out if they were going to run out or not.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Such a difference if it lands into or lands down-grain it's going to shoot into the grain.  Shots like 18 where I flopped it up in the air out of the thick rough, that will be perfect and it just sticks.
That's what's been challenging about this course.  You know, tomorrow that's going to be I think the most important shot being in the last group is greens in regulation.

Q.  Play with a lot of confidence.  Where are you now confidence-wise?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I got a lot of confidence at the end right there with my putter.  I had those 6, 7 footers that, you know, when I'm close but not quite there those are the ones that slide by the hole because I just kind of baby it a little bit and hit confident putts coming in.  Hopefully that does a lot of good for me tomorrow.

Q.  You're in a good spot right now, too.  What is it going to take to win tomorrow?  You're right where you need to be.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Ryan has been obviously on his game for weeks now and I've just been starting to trend up where I want to be.  We're both really right where we want to be this week.
So, with that being said, you know, he's a great ball-striker.  He hits it very straight and very disciplined and good putter.  I expect him to shoot a few under tomorrow and I'm going to have a really good round to win.

Q.  Playing here at a tough course under the conditions you're playing --
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah.  I really, really enjoy playing here.  It's a good tract if you want to come from a stroke behind because there's going to be two shot swings around the corner tomorrow.  There's going to be some birdies, some bogies.  Just I think a battle of who is more patient.

Q.  Saturday 68.  Jordan, one back beginning the final round on Sunday.  How pleased are you with the efforts on Saturday?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Very.  The wind started to pick up almost to yesterday's wind on the first two holes.  Tough starting.  Really grinded that one out today and felt like I struck the ball well.  Not quite as nicely as the last couple days but my putter was there today.  It was tough coming down the stretch.  I was positioning the last four holes there.  It did me a lot of good.

Q.  You had some struggles with the putter on Thursday.  What did you figure out to be able to get some of those one-putts?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Thursday I was actually putting with good strokes.  I putted really well last week, even leading the field.  Came into this week with confidence.  Thursday I just didn't have the right speed.  I left a lot of putts short and kind of adjusted the last couple days.

Q.  What do you look forward to the most?
JORDAN SPIETH:  This is the first one of the year really having a good shot at winning the golf tournament.  Going to be adrenaline.  Lot of fun.  Ryan is playing great golf.  Hopefully it's a birdie-fest somehow on this course.

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