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March 13, 2015

Kevin Streelman


Q.  Kevin, obviously you've done a great job last couple of days playing well.  What is it about this golf course that you just seem to love so much?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Suits my eye really well off the tee.  I putted really well here.  I kind of watched an old tape from the final two rounds when I had last two weeks off and kind of remembered something I was doing in my putting that week and kind of clicked this week as well.  Keep giving myself looks.  Have a chance on Sunday.

Q.  You just mentioned something about the win couple years ago that you're going to remember going into Saturday and Sunday.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I think so.  Just gives me confidence I can do it.  Whether I'm supposed to this time or not we'll see but I feel good about my swing, I feel good about my putting stroke right now.  Did some great work with my coach the last few days and makes the putter feel awesome.

Q.  Finally, with the condition today and the golf course being so tough, is it one of those situations where you're saying if I drop a shot here or there you keep going knowing a few under par will be a great round?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  That's a good point.  Absolutely.  From the get-go 2, 3-under each day will keep you right where you need to be.  I think the wind -- I'm not sure what the weekend is supposed to be but as soon as it gets over 15, 20 miles an hour it's very difficult to give yourself many birdie looks.  The wind keeps up, you keep trying to grind out pars and make about birdies when we can.  See what happens this week.

Q.  How do you compensate with the wind and still come out the way you did today?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  You got to be patient, know you're going to get some good breaks and bad breaks.  Very demanding golf shots out there with the southeast wind.  One is 13 and 17 and par-3s on the back, you got to man up and hit a great golf shot there.  I was able to hit both those greens today and kind of get away with pars.
You have got some of the downwind holes, 11, 14, got to make birdies, too.  Very reachable.  So, hopefully a couple more good rounds on the weekend, give myself a chance.

Q.  Kind a boring scorecard score-wise on your back-9, the front-9 but on a day like today I'm sure you'll take it.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I three-putted 1 for par and then stuffed it on 2 and thought maybe something was getting going there.  Just had -- ended up having some really nice par saves, to be honest.
Stuff it on 8 which is too bad, really tough par-3, misread the putt.  All in all 1 back going into the weekend I'm fine.

Q.  Talk about your putting today.  You're known for your ball striking, but your putting yesterday and today has been fantastic.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah.  I remembered the last time I won here, I watched the video a couple weeks ago, I had two weeks at home and I watched the video from the last round.
I remember the metronome I used the week prior and was able to get 72 beats per minute.  The last few days I got my iPhone app and got the metronome.  Putting to that.  Kind of get my rhythm and just start rolling the ball a lot better.

Q.  Have you ever done that, before gone back and looked at videos and picked something up like that?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I try and keep -- I definitely have all the good rounds, the final rounds, watched the last round at Travelers two times and kind of the same deal putting there.  I just kind of got out of myself a little bit and trusted the reads and my instincts and this week has just really been about quick, decisive, efficient reads and trying to stick to the metronome beat I've been working.  It's beautifully now.

Q.  How soon were you into the video before you realized it?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I remembered on the back-9 I saw a putt that just had this beautiful rhythm to it.  The birdie putt on 13.  I hit it to the back right pin, smooth.  I've been working -- sometimes I think we get so technical, the putting we can kind of get all out of that feel aspect.  Focusing on keeping my eyes still and kind of rock.  All of a sudden the feel hits it.  It's the artistic side, it's an important part of putting.  It's kind of coming back to me.

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