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March 2, 2015

Paul Casey


Q.  Felt like it took a few holes to really get things going today and kind of lost that momentum.
PAUL CASEY:  Took a few holes?  I don't think it ever got going.  You're being too kind.
As easy as I felt it yesterday out there, I felt it equally tough today, for whatever reason; the ball‑striking wasn't quite there; didn't even get the speed of the greens.
I know how difficult this golf course is, and yeah, I'm disappointed not to at least make one birdie out there this morning.  But I gave it my best shot and I'm really happy with the way I played this week.

Q.  With the wind down, do you feel like you had to push the accelerator more?
PAUL CASEY:  No, I tried to just stick to the plan.  I tried to stick to the way I played yesterday, and no, nothing changed.  I didn't try and force the issue.
Holes like 17, I took as aggressive a line as I could and 15 the same.  Gave myself wonderful chances, great chances for birdies which I didn't make.  So, no, I feel happy with the way I approached it.  I just didn't pull it off.

Q.  Long day yesterday but 31 on your opening nine, not quite that number on the back nine.  Simply, what was the difference?
PAUL CASEY:  I wish I knew.  I mean, that's just golf, isn't it.  You come out one day and it feels‑‑ it felt relatively easy today.  I know this is tough and I don't like to say golf is easy, because it's not, but I was cruising.
And for whatever reason today, I just found it very difficult.  Proud of the way I battled out there.  I put myself in some awkward positions, certainly like the lie I picked up on 14.  And still gave myself opportunities down the stretch on 15 and 17, and even the last.
I played great this week, I really did.  You know, proud to finish where I did, but it wasn't good enough.

Q.  Considering how you played last week in L.A. and here this week, how much momentum do you think you have right now with your game moving forward?
PAUL CASEY:  A lot.  I'd like a break.  And I hope, I don't know, Doug's standing right here, somebody might know, I'm trying to get into the Top‑50 to get myself into Doral.  And I believe there's a category Top‑50 today, official golf World Rankings.  We'll see.  We'll see whether I got close or not.  I've got a sneaky feeling I might just be a little bit away from it.  Maybe another place or 2‑up of the leaderboard would have done it.
I feel great.  I'm happy with my golf game.  I'm happy off the golf course, and yeah, I think I can build on this.  I really think I can win this year.  I've given myself an opportunity, the last couple weeks, and I feel good about that and I feel I've got better golf ahead of me coming up.

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