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February 22, 2015

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY:  You know, I played 18 and 10 pretty well.  The pitch shots those guys just hit into 10 to make birdie, absolutely brilliant.  You know, disappointed I didn't make birdie and I'd like to be carrying on and giving them a run for their money.  But they are both great players.  Disappointed but it is what it is.

Q.  Overall with the week, I know you made playing on the PGA TOUR a focus for the first time solely in your career.  How good is it to have a start like this at the beginning of the season?
PAUL CASEY:  It's great.  I felt like I needed a Top‑10 just to get going.  I started off great in Hawai'i.  Since then the ball‑striking has been great and the putting has been very average.
So this was a golf course I love.  I love coming to L.A.  The crowds are entertaining, and this place, I mean, it's just perfect.  This is just a golf course that you get excited to go and play.
So to have a chance of getting a PGA TOUR victory is great, looking back on it, and I've got a lot to work on.  I still think I've got a lot more to get out of my game and hopefully this is the first of many opportunities going ahead this season.

Q.  3‑under today on a day of attrition, I don't know what you thought your chances were when the day started, but once you got into the playoff‑‑
PAUL CASEY:  There wasn't a whole bunch of talking in the playoff‑‑ there never is.  I've been in a few.  But talking with Dustin walking up the hill on 18, neither of us felt 6‑under would be anywhere near a playoff.
We thought eight or nine would be the number that would be clinching this thing.  I feel fortunate, grateful to be in that opportunity to give it a run right now.
And I played great today, I really did.  I'm not disappointed in any shape or form.  I feel like I've got a whole lot more to get out of my golf game, as well.  So things are trending in the right direction.  This was a week I was looking forward to because it's been a little disappointing up to now, the start of the season.
I love this golf course.  I've always played well around here.  The crowds are great, and it's just nice to get an opportunity to win this, and maybe one day I can get my name in the clubhouse.  This place, I love it to death.

Q.  I thought you had the advantage on 10, and you hit a nice pitch shot, but somehow it got even closer?
PAUL CASEY:  I did put my 3‑wood in the perfect spot.  I didn't quite catch that pitch up the green the way I wanted but it's so dangerous, you get it going, even with the moisture, you get it going three, four feet by, next thing you know, you're in that back bunker.
I didn't honestly think I would have the longest birdie putt after the three, seeing where those guys were after their tee shots but those guys played phenomenal recoveries, absolutely brilliant, both of them.  Dustin's was the toughest of the bunch.  I don't know how that lie was, but on the angle Dustin's was the toughest.  Shows he doesn't have just great length off the tee.  He has great hands, as well.  A little bit like a John Daly, he has an all‑around game.  Fun to be part of it.

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