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February 21, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  How important is it on a golf course like this?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Certainly more important here than normal, because you're going to hit good shots that bounce and go off the green and sometimes are in tough spots and you didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, it's certainly difficult, when you feel like you've put a lot of work in, you've hit the tee shot, you're in position‑‑ right next to the hole and all of a sudden you get a bounce.¬† You just have to realize that's going to happen out here, similar to a U.S. Open or major championship.¬† But it is challenging.

Q.  Knowing the mentality you have to have, what's going to be the key for you tomorrow?
JORDAN SPIETH:  For me it's going to be about putting the ball in the fairway.  My driver was a little errant to start the round.  I only hit a couple drives, really the last couple holes I feel like I struck it well.  I hit my irons well today, too.  My putter feels good, which is nice.  I'm scrambling well around the greens.  I just need to hit 13, 14, 15 greens tomorrow to have a chance.

Q.  Today was survival, no question about it.  Everybody struggled at one point in the round, and you had to get through one yourself?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, I actually played a really solid round of golf today, other than just the wrong decision off No. 5 tee box.¬† Just hit a hybrid up there and had 9‑iron in and I decided to try and weasel a 3‑wood up to the edge and it went out of play.¬† So you just can't do that.¬† You've just got to take your medicine and I learned it there and hopefully that's the last time I have to learn it.

Q.  Talk about the greens and how difficult they are, because they are so tiny and firm right now.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, they are tough.  Not only do you have to be in the fairway, you have to be in the correct side of the fairway just to be able to hold them on some of these holes.  The wind is playing a big part in this, too.  If it's downbreeze, it's even harder.  Very challenging, especially the front pins.
So tomorrow, we actually should have a couple scorable holes.¬† 10 is going to be a key hole, and that green is getting a little crusty and putting down the stretch, being able to make those 4‑ or 5‑footers when you need them; hopefully I get the job done early to have a chance to win at the end.
Looks like a chance of rain all day but if that's the case maybe that will help us, soften up the greens a little.

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